In the very first lecture, one student asked what is keto diet?
Understanding keto diet involves understanding basics of Medical Biochemistry
This introduction explains what is keto diet,
how mour metabolism change on taking keto diet and what are its health effects
In the process, basics of metabolism are introduced to students.
Use introductory lectures of 2016 for further understanding of “MUST KNOW” of your subject\\
Introduction to Biochemistry pdfodp
Why,What and How of Biochemistry for Medicoodppdf
Building Blocks of Body odppdf
Body as a System Part-1 odppdf
Body as a System Part-2odppdf
Life of Glucoseodppdf
Life of Fatty Acidodppdf
Life of Cholesterolodppdf
Life of Amino Acidodppdf
2015-smp-02-building-block.pdf2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionMolecules of BodyDr S M Patel
2015-smp-02-building-block.odp2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionMolecules of BodyDr S M Patel
2015-smp-01-biochemistry-for-medical-students.pdf2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionHow to prepare subjectDr S M Patel
2015-smp-01-biochemistry-for-medical-students.odp2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionMolecules of BodyDr S M Patel
2015-smp-05-life-of-a-tg-molecule.pdf2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionTriglycerideDr S M Patel
2015-smp-05-life-of-a-tg-molecule.odp2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionTriglycerideDr S M Patel
2015-smp-04-life-of-a-glucose-molecule.pdf2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionGlucoseDr S M Patel
2015-smp-04-life-of-a-glucose-molecule.odp2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionGlucoseDr S M Patel
2015-smp-03-system.pdf2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionBiological systemDr S M Patel
2015-smp-03-system.odp2015UGBiochemistry IntroductionBiological systemDr S M Patel