Department of Radiology


The Department of Radiodiagnosis & Imaging at GMC and New Civil Hospital, Surat is renowned all over Gujarat for the numerous diagnostic imaging services it offers. With the expertise and vast experience of our faculty members and dedication of resident doctors, the department strives for excellence in patient care, teaching and research. An astonishing volume of imaging studies is performed in the department (more than 60000 Ultrasound scans per year and more than 6000 CT scans per year). Exposure to a wide variety of pathologies, along with didactic teaching of the residents makes our radiology residency program highly coveted and we pride ourselves in producing excellent radiologists.


  • Ours is the largest radiology department in South Gujarat with state of the art facilities available
  • Our MRI center, which runs on public-private partnership, has maximum workload in whole of Gujarat.
  • Our Department building is the first building in Gujarat which is constructed as per AERB norms.
  • Our department has AERB approval for equipment as well as infrastructure.
  • Our department has a teleradiology reporting system
  • There is a fellowship course in fetal medicine in our department

Department Details

1Dr. Pankaj AminM.D(RADIODIAGNOSIS)Professor
2Dr. Purvi DesaiM.D(RADIODIAGNOSIS), DMREAssociate Professor
3Dr. Bhagvati UkaniM.D(RADIODIAGNOSIS), DMREAssociate professor
4Dr. Anju SharmaM.D(RADIODIAGNOSIS)Associate professor
5Dr. Hinal BhagatM.D(RADIODIAGNOSIS)Associate professor
6Dr. Daxa ChavdaM.D(RADIODIAGNOSIS)Assistant professor
7Dr. Kanchan MahaleDMRETutor
Dr. Viral PanchalSR
Dr. Hiral ChaudhariSR
Dr. Arvind VagamashiSR
Dr. Nirali PatelSR
Dr. Jignesh NakumSR
Dr. Laxmi NarayananThird year resident
Dr. Tapas ShahThird year resident
Dr. Vivek MavaniThird year resident
Dr. Rajat AroraThird year resident
Dr. Jainex PatelThird year resident
Dr. Archit TyagiSecond year resident
Dr. Shino P ShajanSecond year resident
Dr. Priyanka JikadraSecond year resident
Dr. Vidhi PanchalSecond year resident
Dr. Yash RathodSecond year resident
Dr. Unnati SolankiSecond year resident
Dr. Shamal PatelSecond year resident
Dr. Srinivas PFirst year resident
Dr. Haripriyanka KothaFirst year resident
Dr. Saurabh DeshpandeFirst year resident
Dr. MahammedWasim PatelFirst year resident
Dr. Gunjan JayantFirst year resident
Dr. Chaitali PatelFirst year resident
Dr. Payal PatelFirst year resident


  • MRI scan (1.5T)
  • CT Scan (16-slice)
  • Ultrasonography (3D & 4D)
  • Conventional & Digital radiography.
  • Digital mammography
  • Colour Doppler.
  • OPG
  • IITV



  • Paper Presentation of Foetus in fitu by Dr Purvi Desai, World Conference, IACOG , Australia, 2013.
  • Paper Presentation of Carotid Doppler with MRI correlation in cases of stroke-Dr Pratik Pesivadia-IRIA, Agra,2014
  • Paper Presentation of CT guided lung biopsy by Dr Jenish Shah, IRIA, Agra,2014
  • Paper Presentation of Abnormal presentation of lymphoma-Dr Viral Panchal, IRIA, Agra,2014
  • Poster presentation of rare case report of alveolar proteinosis by Dr Pratik Pesivadia, IRIA, Agra, 2014
  • Poster presentation of rare case report of limb body wall complex in fetus-Dr Viral Panchal, IRIA, Agra, 2014
  • Paper Presentation of USG of small joints-Dr Pranav Satbhai, IRIA, Indore, 2013
  • Paper Presentation of Avascular necrosis X ray & MRI correlation-Dr Anant Chaudhary, IRIA, Indore, 2013
  • Poster presentation of Role of HRCT in Temporal bone Imaging-Dr Anchal Sharma, IRIA, Indore, 2013
  • Poster presentation of Radiology in congenital anomalies- Dr Anant Chaudhary, IRIA, Indore, 2013
  • Poster presentation of Fungal infection in Chest X-ray & CT scan-Dr Pranav Satbhai ,IRIA, Indore, 2013
  • Poster presentation of Role of MRI & CT scan in retroperitoneal lesions- Dr Anant Chaudhari, IRIA, Indore, 2013

In its efforts to continually stay updated with advancements in the field of Radiology—

  • Our Department has conducted a state level conference on musculoskeletal ultrasound at Gateway Taj Hotel, Surat in June, 2012.
  • In year 2012, 2013 guest lectures and hands on presentations on Fetal Medicine was conducted by Dr. Binodini Chauhan.
  • There are annually 6 to 7 CME’s conducted by our department in our seminar hall.
  • There are regular guest lectures in our lecture hall conducted for resident doctors by renowned Radiologists of our city.
  • There are various journals available in our library like the Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging, Indian Journal of Medical Ultrasound.

Courses Offered:

  • M.D.: 5 seats per year ( 3 yr course)
  •  DMRD: 2 seats per year (2 yr )
  • Radiology Tehnician Course ( 1 yr course)

Future Plans:

To obtain:

  • 3 T MRI Unit
  • 128 slice CT scan unit
  • High end Color Doppler Machine.
  • Direct Digital Radiography Systems.
  • DSI ( Digital Subtraction Imaging) unit

Dissertation Topic

  • Colour doppler based evaluation of lower limb arteries for peripheral arterial disease in patients of diabetes mellitus-Dr Raja Arora (Yr2017)
  • Differentiation of benign and malignant ovarian mass by grey scale and colour doppler USG-Dr Tapas Shah(Yr 2017)
  • Sensitivity of Ultrasound in diagnosis of pathologies of ankle joint and its MRI correlation – Dr Laxmi (Yr 2017)
  • Role of chest XRAY and HRCT thorax in diagnosis of pulmonary disease in PLWH patients – Dr Vivek (Yr 2017)
  • Evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of USG as a first line imaging modality for evaluation of non traumatic lesion of musculoskeletal system – Dr Jainex (Yr 2017)
  • MRI evaluation of normal myelination of brain in children 0 to 3 years- Dr Shino P Shajan(Yr 2018)
  • To assess structural changes in brain in epileptic patients using MRI -Dr Archit Tyagi (Yr 2018)
  • The observational study of computed tomographic scan in retropertitoneal pathological lesions- Dr Priyanka Jikadra(Yr 2018)
  • Role of USG in orbital lesions with orbital correlation – Dr Yash Rathod (Yr 2018)
  • The observational and comparative study of finding of computed tomographic scan in lung mass with histopathological correlation – Dr Vidhi(Yr 2018)

Paper Poster

Year 2018

  • Glenohumeral dysplasia in case of brachial plexopathy.
  • Imaging of shoulder joint.
  • Developmental dysplasia of hip
  • A combined approach with anatomic, functional and metabolic MR techniques in the assessment of musculokeletal tumours
  • Imaging Spectrum of Piloxmyxoid Astrocytoma

Year 2019

  • Imaging in Hemangioma
  • Role of MRI in evaluation of typical and atypicalmeningioma
  • Role of MRI in Evaluating seizure disorders in pediatric age group
  • Transperineal approach in pelvic pathology
  • Role of USG in early detection of fetal cardiac anomalies

Year 2015

  1. A rare case report of congenital agenesis of gall bladder: A surprise and puzzle to both radiologist and surgeon
  2. CT scan and MRI correlation of orbital lesions.
  3. CT and MRI features in patient of Tay-Sachs disease.
  4. USG, X Ray and CT features in patient of primary hyperparathyroidism
  5. MRI features in patient of Hemagioblastoma
  6. Role of Multidetector CT in evaluation of abdominal trauma

Year 2014

  1. Correlation of Colour Doppler and MRI in patient of CVA stroke.
  2. To study advantages and disadvantages of CT guided percutaneous biopsy in the diagnosis of various lung pathologies.
  3. To study various unusual presentation of lymphomas involving body.
  4. A rare case report of inflammatory pseudotumour of lung and reviewing its imaging features.
  5. A rare case report of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis and reviewing its HRCT features.
  6. A rare case report of limb body wall complex with reviewing its USG features.

Contact Numbers:

Office of HOD: 0261-2208335

CT Scan Centre: 0261-2208322

USG: 0261-2208325

X Ray Technician: 0261-2208320

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X-RAY UnitMammography unitUSG Machine