AA and Al Anon members shared their lived experiences. Dr. Ashish Deshpande, Consultant Psychiatrist from Mumbai talked about the disease model of Alcoholism, yet the importance of Social and Psychological interventions. He elaborated the AA self-help group philosophy, being a non-profit organization. “One day at a Time” and 12 steps of AA have transformed many lives. Commissioner of Police, Surat Shri Ajay Kumar Tomar, as Chief Guest shared his words of wisdom from his life experiences, of how the habits of smoking and alcohol start in school and college days; and how it can progress. He simply explained the 'Dopamine' or the rewards can be achieved through Hobbies and Sports; how Alcohol can devastate the life. He very lucidly used the story of Sisyphus, as analogy to life's unending pains and toils. Happiness comes in small amounts, through giving, he stressed. Dr. Ritambhara Mehta, Dean, Professor and Head, Psychiatry, Government Medical College, Surat thanked all for attending and making the event a success.

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