Department of Medicine

The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Medicine is to have the knowledge, skills and behavioral attributes to function effectively as the first contact physician.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:


  • diagnose common clinical disorders with special reference to infectious diseases, nutritional disorders, tropical and environmental diseases
  • outline various modes of management including drug therapeutics especially dosage, side effects, toxicity, interactions, indications and contra-indications
  • propose diagnostic and investigative procedures and ability to interpret them.
  • provide first level management of acute emergencies promptly and efficiently and decide the timing and level of referral, if required.
  • recognize geriatric disorders and their management

b. Skills

  • develop clinical skills (history taking, clinical examination and other instruments of examination) to diagnose various common medical disorders and emergencies
  • Refer a patient to secondary and/or tertiary level of health care after having instituted primary care.
  • Perform simple routine investigations like haemogram, stool, urine, sputum and biological fluid examinations
  • Assist the common bedside investigative procedures like pleural tap, lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration/biopsy and liver biopsy.


  • with community medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation to have the knowledge and be able to manage important current national health programs, also to be able to view the patient in his/her total physical, social and economic milieu.
  • with other relevant academic inputs which provide scientific basis of clinical medicine e.g. anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and pharmacology
Sr. No.NameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Tinkal C. PatelM.D. MedicineProfessor & Head
2Dr. K. N. BhattM.D. MedicineProfessor (Addi.)
3Dr. Mahesh G. SoluM.D. MedicineProfessor (Addi.)
4Dr. Ashvin VasavaM.D. MedicineAsso. Professor
5Dr. Amit GamitM.D. MedicinAsso. Professor
6Dr. Sunil Panjwani Asso. Professor
7Dr. Ila Hadiyal Asso. Professor
8Dr. Vivek GargM.D. MedicineAssi. Professor
9Dr. Vitan PatelM.D. MedicineAssi. Professor
10Dr. Sweta GamitM.D. MedicineAssi. Professor
11Dr. Priyanka ModyM.D. MedicineAssi. Professor
12Dr. Ashish PatelM.D. MedicineAssi. Professor
13Dr. Rajan KanthariyaM.D. MedicineAssi. Professor
14Dr. Hiren Makawana Assi. Professor
15Dr. Pankaj Patil Assi. Professor
1Dr.Tinkal Patelprofessor
2Dr. Sweta GamitAsst. Professor
3Dr. Pratik VariyaSenior Resident
4Dr.Tinish NanavatiJunior Resident
5Dr. Paradkar ShrishailJunior Resident
6Dr. Lakhani Gaurav Y.Junior Resident
7Dr. Priyanka PatelJunior Resident
8Dr. Tailor Akshay RJunior Resident
9Dr. Patel Chirag D.Junior Resident
1Dr. Amit GamitAsso. Professor
2Dr. Vivek GargAsst. Professor
3Dr. Pratik PatelSenior Resident
4Dr. Ruta SavajJunior Resident
5Dr. Zanzari Pooja S.Junior Resident
6Dr. Bhagwani Mansi S.Junior Resident
7Dr. Tanya BatraJunior Resident
8Dr. Chintan ChauhanJunior Resident
1Dr. K.N.BhattAdd. Professor
2Dr. Ashish PatelAsst. Professor
3Dr. Komal GamitSenior Resident
4Dr. Jayesh AmbaliyaJunior Resident
5Dr. Kuldip B. ShrimaliJunior Resident
6Dr. Vaghela DilipJunior Resident
7Dr. Twisha ChaudhariJunior Resident
8Dr. Shivkumar PujariJunior Resident
9Dr. Kalpesh GohelJunior Resident
10Dr. Dhaval ChaudhariJunior Resident
1Dr. M.G.SoluAdd. Professor
2Dr. Vitan PatelAsst. Professor
3Dr. Bhavesh GayakwadSenior Resident
4Dr. Tushar DhoriJunior Resident
5Dr. Ramawat Sumer SharadJunior Resident
6Dr. VishwakiranJunior Resident
7Dr. Naveen K.Junior Resident
8Dr. Chanrakesh YadavJunior Resident
9Dr. KishanJunior Resident
1Dr. Ashvin VasavaAssoc. Professor
2Dr. Rajan KanthariAsst. Professor
3Dr. Dharmil PatelSenior Resident
4Dr. Niranjan PanchalJunior Resident
5Dr. Swetha RajkumarJunior Resident
6Dr. Navadiya Mitul D.Junior Resident
7Dr. Siddharth AgravalJunior Resident
8Dr. Dilan DevisJunior Resident
1Dr. Amit GamitAsso. Professor
2Dr. Priyanka ModyAsst. Professor
3Dr. Pratik PatelSenior Resident
4Dr. Purohit Sneha OJunior Resident
5Dr. Parmar Ajay TJunior Resident
6Dr. Neha VarmaJunior Resident
7Dr. Somesh NagareJunior Resident
8Dr. Rabadia Hirenkumar DJunior Resident
1Dr. Ila Hadiyal Asso. Professor
2Dr.Pankaj PatilAsst. Professor
3Dr. Pratik VariyaSenior Resident
4Dr. Akash PatelJunior Resident
5Dr. Patel Anikumari M.Junior Resident
6Dr. Hiren Rabadia Junior Resident
7Dr. Patel Arpit V.Junior Resident
1Dr. Sunil PanjwaniAsso. Professor
2Dr. Hiren MakwanaAsst. Professor
3Dr. Komal GamitSenior Resident
4Dr. Dipin SinghJunior Resident
5Dr. Patel Amira AiyubJunior Resident
6Dr. Kaklotar Sandip R.Junior Resident
7Dr. Tank ParthJunior Resident

for Graduation

TaskDailyTeaching Work
Integrated theory LecturesFours times A Week
Practicles Clinics in wardDaily
No of UG per year150 per year

UnderGraduateWard Exam, practical schedule and Pattern as a general

WARD PRACTICAL EXAMINATION OFSECONDM.B.B.S 1ST& 2nd TermstudentsSECOND M.B.B.S 3rd term & Third M.B.B.S 1ST Term Term studentsTHIRD M.B.B.S 3rd term Termstudents
LONG CASE50 Marks40 Marks40 Marks
SHORT CASE35 Marks30 Marks30 Marks
MCQS/HISTORIES ASSIGNMENT(Depen-ding upon Individual’s Unit Policy )15 Marks15 Marks10 Marks
TOTAL MARKS100 Maks100 Marks100 Marks
TaskDailyTeaching Work
DemonstrationTwice A Week
ProcedureEvery Day

For Post Graduation

TaskDailyTeaching Work
Numberof PG Students per year12
JournalclubOnce A Week
SeminarpresentationOnce A Week
Clinical long case presentationOnce A Week
Clinical short case presentationOnce A Week

Post Graduate teaching Schedule for superspeciality subjects in general as a follows

Sr.NoDayTimeName Of Super SpecialistDoctorin Charge
1First Saturday of every Month08-00 a.mGastroenterogist (DM)Dr.KaushalPatel
2SecondSaturday of every Month08-00 a.mCardiologist(DM)DrRene Eapen
3Third Saturday of every Month08-00 a.mNeurologist (DM)Dr RajanValvi
4Fourth Saturday of every Month08-00 a.mPulmonologistDr Sandip Bhagat
5Fifth Saturday of a Month08-00 a.mEndocrinologit (DM)Dr Shailesh Jethwa

Patient enters New Civil Hospital, Surat through the following 2 ways

It is located in front of the main gate of the hospital. It works round the clock whole week and 365 days of year. All the basic medication, ECG machine, cardiac monitor, defibrillator are available in emergency department. Patients can be referred for all routine blood investigation, X-rays, USG, MRI, CT scan, etc. Depending on the general condition, patient is shifted to respective ward for further management.

12th number OPD is of Medicine OPD. It works between 9:00 am to 1:00pm and 4:00pm to 6:00pm on weekdays and between 9:00 am to 1:00pm on Saturday except on government holiday. Patients can be referred to any other OPD for examination and can also be referred for above mentioned investigations. Patient can be either given medication or is advised to get admitted for further management depending on the illness of the patient.11

1) Emergency department 2) Out Patient Department (OPD)

General Wards: there are four wards(G2, G3, G4 and H3 ) in Indoor Department.

All the seriously ill patients are treated here. ICU is well equipped with ventilators and other basic facilities like cardiac monitor, ECG machine, Defibrillator, etc. All the seriously ill patients are looked after by resident doctors who are posted round the clock in this ward. it is located in G0 ward. There are 5 hemodialysis machines, where hemodialysis of all indicated patients are done. It is performed in G0 ward. There are two machines of echocardiography, one of which is portable. TMT of the patients can be done in G0 ward, with computarized TMT machine.There are separate isolation wards for infectious disease (G4), tetanus ward (G3), rabies ward (G4).

Various wards and available facilities

  1. Medical ICU/ICCU:
  2. Dialysis unit:
  3. Echocardiography
  4. TMT(Treadmill testing)
  5. Isolation ward