Department of Pathology

Department of Pathology is committed to being a leader in education,patient care,training and research.

  1. To teach the basic understanding of disease and correlate it with the clinical findings in an integrated manner to various students eg.2nd M.B.B.S. students, M.D. & D.C.P. students, Nursing Students, Physiotherapy, M.L.T. students.
  2. To provide diagnostic services in Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Cytology and Histopathology for all patients of New Civil Hospital, Surat
  3. To perform Autopsy examination of all Medicolegal cases and Pathological P.M. whenever required or demanded by clinician after obtaining permission from authority.
  4. To create an environment for encouraging training and research activities for medical students,residents and faculty.

Faculty Members

Sr. No.NameDesignationQualification
1.Dr.R.N.HathilaAdditional Prof.MD Pathology
2.Dr.Arpita NishalAssociate Prof.MD Pathology
3.Dr.Bhavna GamitAssociate Prof.MD Pathology
4.Dr.Mayur JaragAssociate Prof.MD Pathology
5.Dr.Pinal ShahAssociate Prof.MD Pathology
6.Dr.Hemali TailorAssistant ProfMD Pathology
7.Dr.Komal PatelAsst. Prof.MD Pathology
8Dr.Prashant PatelAsst. Prof.MD Pathology
9.Dr.Mubin PatelAsst. Prof.MD Pathology
10.Dr.Rahul ModiAsst. Prof. MD Pathology
11.Dr.Sejal GamitTutorMD Pathology
12.Dr.Suresh PadsalaTutorD.C.P
13.Dr.Pinkal ShahTutorMD Pathology
14.Dr.Archana PatelTutorD.C.P
15.Dr.Deepshikha DaveTutorMD Pathology
16.Dr. Nikita PatelTutorMD Pathology
17.Dr. Chintal PatelTutorMD Pathology

Senior Resident & Junior Resident

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1.Dr. Jahnavi Rana1st Year Resident
2.Dr. Prachee Desai1st Year Resident
3.Dr. Omprakash Labana1st Year Resident
4.Dr. Shivani Vakil1st Year Resident
5.Dr. Riddhi Patel1st Year Resident
6.Dr. Ankita Kachiya1st Year Resident
7.Dr. Dipal Gurjar1st Year Resident
8.Dr. Kunjan Rathod1st Year Resident
9.Dr. Tarika Baria1st Year Resident
10.Dr. Durgesh Prasad1st Year Resident
11.Dr. Happy Malani1st Year Resident
12.Dr. Hina Vaghasiya1st Year Resident
13.Dr. Khushbu Chovatia1st Year Resident
14.Dr.Mansi Patel2nd Year Resident
15.Dr. Yesha Vahia2nd Year Resident
16.Dr. Payal Luhar2nd Year Resident
17.Dr. Arpna Chaudhari2nd Year Resident
18.Dr. Madhurima Sarma2nd Year Resident
19.Dr. Pooja Patel2nd Year Resident
20.Dr. Hina Kakadiya2nd Year Resident
21.Dr. Mili Jadav2nd Year Resident
22.Dr.Kajal Tandel2nd Year Resident
23.Dr. Siddhi Dave2nd Year Resident
24.Dr. Jinendra Jadeja2nd Year Resident
25.Dr. Sonal Kanani3rd Year Resident
26.Dr. Vivek Patel3rd Year Resident
27.Dr. Heer Dhabi3rd Year Resident
28.Dr. Shraddha Kankariya3rd Year Resident
29.Dr. Ravina Purohit3rd Year Resident
30.Dr. Niyati Patel3rd Year Resident
31.Dr. Kavita Vaghasiya3rd Year Resident
32.Dr. Dhruti Sutariya3rd Year Resident
33.Dr. Hiral Shah3rd Year Resident
34.Dr. Ruchita Sanghani3rd Year Resident
35.Dr. Krishna AnajwalaSenior Resident
36.Dr. Sheetal GujratiSenior Resident
37.Dr. Sayantani DasSenior Resident
38.Dr. Ridham SukhadiaSenior Resident
39.Dr. Harshal KukadiyaSenior Resident
40.Dr. Sarasvati VaniyaSenior Resident
41.Dr. Kirti MoradiyaSenior Resident
42.Dr. Shweta SutariyaSenior Resident
43.Dr. Nilam TejaniSenior Resident
44.Dr. Parmita JayaniSenior Resident
45.Dr. Kajal KalsariyaSenior Resident

Services Provided By Pathology Department:

Provide all laboratory investigations to indoor & outdoor patients:

  1. Haematology and Clinical Pathoology: Complete hematological investigations including Routine CBC, PS, PSMP,bone marrow aspiration and biopsy,Coagulation profile including PT, APTT, Factor IV ,Special hematology Investigations, Urine analysis, Semen analysis, Body fluid analysis including CSF Fluid, Peritoneal Fluid, Pericardial Fluid etc.
  2. Histopathology : includes routine histopathology services ,special stains, Immunohistochemistry and frozen section
  3. Cytology: includes exfoliative gyanaecological & non-gyanaecological, FNAC Superficial, ultrasound guided & CT guide, fluid cytology and PAP Smears.
  • 24 hour running emergency laboratory for emergency patients in OPD 10 & Covid Hospital laboratory.

Facilities for Diagnostic & Teaching purpose:

SectionFacilities / Instruments available
HistopathologyRoutine Histopathology
Frozen section
Cytospin & Liquid based cytology
fully & Semi automated Coagulometer
3 part hematology analyzer
0PLC for detecting abnormal hemoglobin variants
Trephine Bone marrow biopsy
Automated ESR
Automated urine analyzer
Various instruments and facilities in department of pathology.
1Penta head Microscope
2Octahead Microscope
3LCD Projector
5Digital Camera

Octahead Microscope and Pentahead Microscope

Departmental Library:

Total number of available books: 246

Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses offered

2.M.D. Pathology19
For mor details see file below for Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses offered
Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses offered

Key Performance Indicator:

Department offers various diagnostic services in the field of hematology, clinical Pathology, histopathology and Cytopathology for which department is well equipped with Various automated instruments like fully automated Coagulometer - 3 part, 5 part and 6 part hematology analyzer for investigative profiles like coagulation profile, anaemia and leukemia profile.

Cytopathology section is having Cytospin as well as facility for liquid PAP preparation. Facility of multiviewing microscopes (pentahead as well as octahead) for teaching purpose is available.

Facility of Immunohistochemistry is available with 66 markers. Newborn screening for sickle cell anemia: instrument received. Instruments installed: HPLC Variant II. Sickle cell Molecular diagnosis Laboratory: Establishment of Laboratory for Molecular diagnosis & neonatal screening is under process under “Sickle cell Anemia Control Programme”. Instruments received (to be installed): PCR, Gel Documentation unit. Procurement of further required instruments is under process.

NABL accreditation has been granted for various diagnostic tests for New Civil Hospital Surat Laboratory Services, Surat- NCHSLS (inclusive of Department of Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology) in July 2012.

Future plans.

  1. Immunophenotyping of leukemia by Flowcytometer.
  2. Newborn screening for sickle cell anemia.
  3. Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory.

Under SCAP, facility for STEM CELL TRANSPLANT is to be created.

Test Statistics of last 3 years:

Yearspecimenblockslidefrozenspecial stainIHC

* Total available Antibodies/ Markers for IHC : 66 * Tissue microarray technique established

YearFNAC+ Fluid CytologyPAP SmearsTotal
YearHematology InvestigationsClinical Pathology InvestigationsTotal

Inclusive of sickle cell laboratory investigation

Total MLC Received
Yearspecimenblockslidespecial stainIHCPathological Pm
YearTotal PatientTotal SampleCBCSolubilityHPLCTotal Accredited InvestigationNon Accredited InvestigationTotal investigation


Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma Of Thigh : A Rare Case ReportDr. R. N. Hathila, Dr. Pinal Shah, Dr. Sheetal Sheth, Dr.Smita Gavit
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A study of cervical papanicolaou smears examination in patients with abnormal vaginal journal of Research in Medical Sciences January2020 Vol 8 Issue 1Dr. Komal Patel,Dr. R. N. Hathila,Dr. Pallavi Chaudhari,Dr. Sidhi M Patel
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Oral Papers and Posters

Award winning posters in various conferences:
Dr. Razvin Somani, 3rd year resident won 1st Prize in Poster Presentation in her session at National Hematology Conference, Ahmedabad under the guidance of our HOD Dr. M.M Patel.
Dr.Rishikesh Balvalli, 2nd year resident won 2nd prize in poster presentation at International Histopathology Conference, Goa
Dr. Jainisha Chaudhary, 2nd year resident won 1st prize in poster presentation at State Level Autopsy Conference, Bhuj
Dr. Ajay Tilala, 1st year resident won 2nd prize in poster presentation at Hematology CME, Surat
Dr. Devang Painter, 2nd year resident won 2nd prize in poster presentation at Hematology CME, Surat
Dr. Komal Pagadhar, 3rd year resident won 1st Prize in Poster Presentation in her session at National Hematology Conference, Ahmedabad
Desmoid Tumor of Anterior Abdominal wall in post Partunyoung Female - a rare case reportDr.Mandakini M. Patel, Dr.Rashik N. Hathila, DR.Prashant Patel, Dr. Pinkal Shah, Dr. Jinendra Jadeja
Synovial Sarcoma - A rare case reportDr. Mayur Jarang, DR.Prashant Patel, Dr. Pinkal Shah, Dr. Payal Luhar
A case of follicular hyaline vascular variant typ of castleman's Disease with pathological findingsDr. Chintal patel, Dr. Archna Patel, Dr. Rahul Modi, Dr. Hemali Tailor, Dr. Arpha chaudhari
Cytochemical stains in leukaemiaDr. Mubin Patel, Dr. Siddhi Dave
A rare case of synovial chondromatosis with radiological and Pathological CorrelationDr. Chintal patel, Dr. Siddhi Dave, Dr. Hemali Tailor, Dr. Mubin patel
A case of Pancreatic adeno careinoma with help of cytopathologyDR. Bhavna Gamit, Dr.Sejal Gamit, Dr. Mubin patel, Dr. Siddhi Dave, Dr. Krishna Anajwala
A rare case of Atypical Proliferative (Boarderline) seromucinous Tumour with focal areas of intraepithelid careinoma.Dr.Prashant Patel, Dr. Hemali Tailor, Dr. Rahul Modi, Dr. Chintal patel, Dr. Pooja Patel
A rare case of Adult type fibrosarcoma over knee.Dr.Pinal Shah, DR.Prashant Patel, Dr. Pinkal Shah, Dr. Kajal Tandel
A rare case of primary fallopian tube high grade seroud carcinoma masked as endometrial careinoma Dr. Hemali Tailor, Dr.Prashant Patel, Dr. Rahul Modi, Dr. Chintal patel, Dr. archana Patel, Dr. mili Jadav
Adrenal myelolipoma-a rare case report.Dr.Rashik N. Hathila, Dr.Prashant Patel, Dr. Pinkal Shah, Dr. Mansi Patel
Title (2021)Author
A Case report: Squamous cell carcinoma of kidney: A Rare Variant of Renal CarcinomaDr.Komal Patel Dr.Bhavna Gamit Dr.Pallavi Chaudhri Dr.Hiral K. Shah
Fibrosarcomtous variant of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: A Rare caseDr.Mandakini M. Patel Dr.Rashik N. Hathila Dr.Mubin Patel Dr.Suresh Padsala Dr.Vivek Patel
A Rare case report of plasmacytoid variant of myoepithelioma of palateDr.Rashik N. Hathila, Dr.Prashant R. Patel, Dr.Archana Patel, Dr.Sarasvati Vaniya
High grade urothelial carcinoma of renal pelvis-papillary type, involving kidney and upper portion of ureter: A rare presentationDr.Mandakini M. Patel, Dr.R.N. Hathila, DR.Prashant Patel, Dr. Mubin Patel, Dr.Suresh Padsala, Dr.Dhruti N. Sutariya
A Case of salivary duct carcinoma of the parotid glandDr.Arpita Nishal, Dr.Komal Patel, Dr.Pallavi Chaudhary, Dr.Karutika Patel, Dr.Shruti Mavani, Dr.Ravina Purohit
A Rare case report of testicular germ cell tumour with Leydig cell hyperplasiaDr.Mandakini M. Patel, Dr.Mubin Patel, Dr.Suresh Padsala, Dr.Ruchita G. Sanghani
A Case of T cell precursor lymphoid neoplasm-T cell lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma diagnosed on bone marrow examination at a tertiary health care centerDr.Arpita Nishal, Dr.Deepshika Dave, Dr.Sejal Gamit, Dr.Shraddha Kankariya
Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in evaluation of thyroid lesions at a tertiary care hospitalDr. Rasik N. Hathila, Dr.Prashant Patel, Dr.Archana Patel, Dr.Kirti Moradiya
A Case of metaplastic carcinoma of the breast with predominant squamous differentiation: A rare presentationDr. Mandakini Patel, Dr.Mubin Patel, Dr.Suresh Padasala, Dr.Sonal P.Kanani
Evaluation Of prognostic role of tumor budding in breast carcinoma and its correlation with known clinicopathological parametersDr. Mandakini Patel, Dr. Vishakha Gupta
A Case Report: Primary Cutaneous Mucinous CarcinomaDr. Arpita Nishal, Dr. Bhavna Gamit, Dr. Sejal Gamit, Dr. Deepshikha Dave, Dr. Parmita Jayani
Analysis of quality indicators in hematology laboratory in a tertiary care center to evaluate error, phase of that error, and solutionDr. Mandakini Patel, Dr. Pinkal Shah, Dr. Ridham Sukhadiya
A case of mature cystic teratoma of Gastric wall - Rare site of presentationDr. Komal Patel, Dr. Heer Dabhi
Title (2020)Author
Plasmablastic Lymphoma Of The Gastrointestinal Tract - A Rare Entiety With A Challenging Differential DiagnosisDr. Rishikesh Balvalli, Dr.R.N.Hathila, Dr. Pinal Shah, Dr. Pinal Shah
Cytodiagnosis Of Extramedullary Hematopoiesis In Cervical Lymph node - An Unusual Presentation Of Underlying Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)Dr. Shruti Mavani, Dr. V.M.Bhagat, DR. Pinkal Dalal
Sensitivity and Specificity of Solubility Test In Screening Of Sickle Cell AnemiaDr.Kinjal Chandapara, Dr. Mandakini Patel
Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma Of Thigh - A Rare Case ReportDr. Smita Gavit, Dr. R.N.Hathila, Dr. Pinal shah
Case Report Of Vulval Leiomyoma: A Rare Pathological studyDr. Kuntal Patel, Dr. r.N.Hathila,Dr. Mubin Ptel, Dr.Himani Bajaj
Pleomorphic Variant of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Breast - A Case ReportDr.Vishakha Gupta, Dr. Mandakini Patel, Dr. Sejal Gamit, Dr. Deepshikha Dave
Acute Amoebic Appendicitis - A Rare Case ReportDr.Ajay Tilala, Dr. R. N. Hathila, Dr. Mubin Patel, Dr. Mandakini Patel
A Case Report : Primary Cutaneous Mucinous CarcinomaDr.Parmita Jayani, Dr. Bhavana Gamit, Dr. Deepshikha Dave, Dr. Arpita Nishal, Dr. Anand Chaudhary
Epithelioid Sarcoma of Right Forearm - A Case ReportDr.Sheetal Gujarati, Dr. Pinal Shah, Dr. Arpita Nishal, Dr. Archana Patel
A Case Of Mallignant Spindle Cell Tumor - Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath TumorDr.Shweta Sutariya, Dr. Bhavana Gamit, Dr. Sejal gamit, Dr. Deepshikha Dave
A Clinicopathological Evaluation: Case Report Of Secondary Hemophagoytic Lymphohistiocytosis(HLH)Dr.Trishna Anajwala, Dr. R. N. Hathela, Dr. Pinkal Shah, Dr. Dhara Mehta, Dr. Nidhi Mishra
Carcinoma EX Pleomorphoic Adenoma Arising From Floor Of Mouth, A Rare PresentationDr.Shayantani Das, Dr. Komal Patel, Dr. Deepshikha Dave, Dr. Nikita Rupareliya, Dr. Janvi Vyas
An Interesting Case Of Infarcted Papillary thyroid Carcinoma Showing FNA(Fine Needle Aspiration) Histological ChangesDr.Bhoomika Nandasana, Dr. komal Patel, Dr. Nikita Rupareliya, Dr. Janavi Vyas
Role Of FNACIn GoutDr.Seema Machi, Dr. V. M. Bhagat
Metastatic adenocarcinoma Of Heart A Rare Case Report In Autopsy ExaminationDr.Bhoomika Narola, Dr. Sharmishtha Patel, Dr. Pallavi Chaudhry
Title (2019)Author
Variants of Liposarcoma: A series of 3 cases. 2019Dr.Shruti Mavani, Dr. Vasudha M. Bhagat (Additional Professor)
A case of Neuroendocrine tumour of pancreas – a rare entity with diagnostically challenging tumour. 2019Dr.Dipali Shukla, Dr, Mubin Patel, Dr.Arpita Nishal, Dr. Komal Patel
Triple neoplasm in autopsy examination - a case report 2019Dr.AshaVinzuda,Dr.Prashant Patel, Dr.SejalGamit, Dr.Deepshikha Dave, Dr.Vishakha Gupta
Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in as adjunct diagnostic aid in preoperative presumptive diagnosis of Ameloblastoma.2019Dr.Devang Painter,Dr. V M bhagat
Adult cystic nephroma: a rare case reportDr.BhavikaDholiya, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr.R.N.Hathila, Dr.BhavnaGamit, Dr.Khushbu Shah
Pre PMF - a rare case presentationDr.Pooja Goyani,Dr.Himani Bajaj, Dr.R.N.Hathila
Pre PMF - a rare case presentationDr.Himanshu Patel ,Dr.Arpita Nishal, Dr.Mubin Patel, Dr.Sharmishtha Patel
An autopsy report of Autosomal Dominant (adult) Polycystic Kidney DiseaseDr.Sheetal Sheth, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr,Pinkal Shah, Dr.Archna Shah
A rare case of metastatic leiomyosarcoma to lung and liver.Dr.Jahnavi Vyas,Dr.V.M.Bhagat, Dr.S.M.Patel, Dr.Pinkal Shah
IHC- potential diagnostic tool in intradural extramedullary ependymoma of lumbar spine L1-L2,Dr.Krutika Patel,Dr. V M Bhagat
rare case of sporadic ovarian sex cord stromal tumor with annular tubules,Dr.Krutika Patel,Dr. V M Bhagat
histological spectrum of neoplastic and non neoplastic lesions of thyroid -a study of 56 cases.Dr.Krutika Patel,Dr. V M Bhagat
Ertheim Chestler diasease with multicystic involvement a diagnostic challenge.Dr. Siddhi, Dr.Arpita Nishal, Komal Patel, Dr.V.M.Bhagat, Dr.Nency Gandhi, Dr.Sneha Patwari
Double heterozygous HbS and hbD punjab trait(A Case report) 2019Dr.SmitaGamit, Dr.ArpitaNishal, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr.Sejal Gamit, Dr.Archna Patel
Thyroid cytology: two year audit for quality assurance based on Bethesda systemDr. Swati Vij, Dr.M.M.P
Pulmonary bone marrow embolism -A rare finding in autopsyDr.Neha Shahu, Dr.Bhavna Gamit, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr. Suresh Padsala
An unusual presentation of Rectal Mucinous adenocarcinoma in a 15 years old maleDr.Kinjal Chandpara, Dr.R. N. Hathila, Dr.M M P, Dr.Mubin Patel,Dr.Himani Bajaj, Dr.Razvin Somani.
Plasmablastic lymphoma of the gastrointestinal tract – A rare entity with a challenging differential diagnosis Dr.Rishikesh Balvalli, Dr. R N Hathila, Dr. Pinal Shah, Dr. Arpita Nishal
Fostering professionalism in first year of MBBSDr.Arpita Nishal, Dr.Rishikesh Balvalli
Acanthomatous ameloblastoma: histological case report.Dr.Kuntal Patel,Dr. R N Hathila,Dr.Pinal Shah,Dr.Archana Patel

Resident doctors presenting poster and oral papers at conferences.

Title 2018Author
Autopsy findings in sudden death in adults-A retrospective study of 120 cases 2018Dr.Jainisha Chaudhry,Dr. Rahul Modi
Quality Indicators: A fundamental tool for quality and laboratory safetyDr.Sneha Patwari , Dr.Arpita Nishal, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr.Neha Kamble
A case of rhabdomyosarcoma- alveolar type in a 32 year old male presented with nasal mass 2018Dr.Nidhi Shihora,Dr Bhavna gamit,Dr deepshikha dave,Dr s.m.patel
Medley of Bone Marrow Examination- Our experience of retrospective cross sectional study of 1 year (2018 amcon)Dr. Nikita Rupareliya, Dr Vasudha Bhagat
Histopathological spectrum of Meningiomas- Our institutional study(NPSICON 2018)Dr. Nikita Rupareliya, Dr Vasudha Bhagat
Poster- a case study of diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis by FNA Paper- variant hemoglobin spectrum diagnosed by cation exchange HPLC in tertiary care centerDr.Razwin Somani, Dr. M.M.Patel, Dr.Sejal Gamit
Parasitic and fungal infection encountered in surgical pathology specimen - our institution experience 2018Dr.Khushbu Shah, Dr.M.M.P
Metaanalysis of blood transfusion practice in pediatric patients in South Gujarat region at tertiary care hospital, suratDr.Khushbu Shah, Dr.M.M.P
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) - Potential diagnostic tool in lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma - 2018Dr.Sheetal Sheth, Dr.V.M.Bhagat, Dr.Prashant Shah, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr.Pinkal Shah
A rare case of epithelioid glioblastoma (WHO Grade 4) in a 12 year female. 2018Dr.JahnaviVyas, Dr.V.M.Bhagat
Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage- A rare complication in patient of hemophilia: A case report.2018.Dr.Jahnavi Vyas, Dr.V.M.Bhagat,Dr.Arpita Nishal, Dr. Pinal Shah,Dr.Nikita Rupareliya, Dr.Vimpy Web
Mature Sacrococcygeal teratoma- case reportDr.Siddhi Patel, Dr.Arpita Nishal, Dr.Komal Patel, Dr Nency Gandhi
A case of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans at an unusual site -aapm ( Ahmedabad chapter of Gapm)Dr.Himani Bajaj, Dr R. N. Hathila,Dr.Arpita Nishal, Dr V.M.Bhagat, Dr.Komal Patel,Dr.Sejal Gamit,
An autopsy case of renal amyloidosis- International CME in pathology- Histopathology and cytology, GoaDr.Himani Bajaj, Dr.Pinal Shah, Dr.PInkal Shah, Dr.Archna Patel
Immunohistochemical distinction between reactive mesothelial cells and adenocarcinoma cells in serous effusions - clinical, cytological and Immunohistochemical correlation ( IHC THE MANTRA OF OUR ERA-LONAVALA 2018)Dr Neha Shahu,Dr.Bhavna Gamit, Dr.Deepshikha Dave
Cytomorphological study of palpable breast lump: A review of 227 cases (Paper presentation at Ahmadabad chapter of GAPM 2018)Dr.Neha Shahu,Dr.Bhavna Gamit
Sialadenosis Of Parotid Gland: A Cytomorphological Significance In The Diagnosis Of An Uncommon EntityDr.Priyanka Gandhi, Dr.M.M.Patel,Dr, Bhavna Gamit, Dr.S.M.Patel, Dr.Mubin Patel
A rare case of metastatic adenocarcinoma of cervical lymphnode from occult primary ovarian carcinoma-diagnosed on cytology Dr.Dipti Rupala, Dr. Komal Patel, Dr.R.N Hathila
Incidental detection of HbE-Beta thalassemia – a case reportDr.Hetal Malaviya, Dr. Prashant Patel, Dr. Sejal Gamit, Dr.Pooja Goyani
A Histomorphological pattern analysis of cerebral infection & infestation in Autopsy examination- Our institutional experienceDr.Shivangi Gandhi, Dr.pinal shah
Membranous basal cell adenoma- A rare entity in an preauricular regionDr.Shivangi Gandhi, Dr. Vasudha Bhagat, Dr.Prashant Patel, Dr. Deepshikha Dave, Dr.Pinal shah
A case of metastatic malignancy with unknown primary turns out to be Hepatocellular CarcinomaDr.Kinjal Chandpara, Dr.Khushbu Shah,Dr.Mandakini M. Patel
Tuberculosis : Diagnosed & Undiagnosed as a cause of death in Autopsy observation-Insight into an old disease.Dr.Shivangi Gandhi, Dr.Pinal Shah
Role of Papanicolaou's smears as a screening tool in the diagnosis of lesions of cervixDr.Shivangi Gandhi, Dr.pinal Shah
Role of immunohistochemistry in accurate characterization of malignant small round cell tumourDr.Komal Paghdhar, Dr.R.N.Hathila, Dr.V.M.Bhagat, Dr.Arpita Nishal
Squamous cell carcinoma and its histopathological variants-institutional case seriesDr.Komal Paghdhar, Dr.R.N.Hathila, Dr.V.M.Bhagat

Academic Activities for Post Graduate Students

  1. Regular seminars conducted by residents on different topics.
  2. Weekly journal clubs to update on recent advances in pathology.
  3. Slide seminars to develop algorithmic approach towards diagnosing different pathologies.
  4. Regular guest lectures arranged to understand the market trends of the branch.
  5. Hands on workshops on different procedures and techniques.
  6. Pot-pouri slide discussions to discuss interesting cases in every section of the department.

Virtual Teaching

  • A new approach in pathology teaching is being implemented in the department through virtual slide assignments.
  • This is to sensitize residents in the use of technology at the advent of digital pathology.
  • Faculty posts regular tricky cases and residents respond to it. The cases are later discussed virtually using Google Classroom.


  • A CPC was held on 23rd Feb 2021 by Collaboration With Pathology, Orthopedic & Radiology Deaprtment.
  • A CPC was Held on 30th Jan 2021 by Collaboration with Pathology, Surgery & Radiology DPT.
  • A CPC was held on 16th September 2022 by Collaboration With Pathology, Orthopedic & Radiology Deaprtment.


  1. Multi Disciplinary CME in Hematology at GMC,Surat on 21 Sept 2019
  2. CME on “Quality Control in Laboratory Practice” & “Thalassemia Screening” on 24th April 2013.
  3. CME on “Dermatopathology” on 9th march 2014.

  1. Interpretation of Histogram by Dr. Dhaval Bamania on 20th Sept 2018.
  2. Interpretation of Lower GI Biopsy By Dr. Priya Arora on 4th Oct 2018.
  3. Practical Approach to Anemia - How to efficiently and accurately work up on anemic patient by Dr. Dharmesh Vaghasia and Dr. Hashmukh Balar on 4th Oct 2018.
  4. Hands on workshop for Bone marrow Aspiration and Bone marrow biopsy by Dr. Gurvindersingh Saini on 22nd Sept 2019.
  5. Grossing of Liver and a case of focal nodular hyperplasia of liver by Dr. Simpal Bhuptani on 20th January 2020.
  6. Interesting cases in Hematology by Dr. Hasmukh Balar on 3rd february2023.

  • NABL Accreditation: Hematology, Cytology & Histopathology investigations of Pathology Department under NCHSLS is granted accreditation by NABL on 6th July 2012 for the period of 31/10/2018 to 30/10/2020.

*It has NABL accredited Clinical Laboratory Certificate Scope

* Department of Pathology runs Sickle cell laboratory which is designated as tertiary care center laboratory under “ Sickle Cell Anemia Control Program” since March 2006. Sickle Cell Anemia Control Program was awarded “PRIME MINISTER’S AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FOR YEAR 2009-10 FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE“

Extra - Curricular Activities

The department is one big family where every one supports each other and brings the best out others. Apart from work, a lot of activities are conducted to maintain a sense of camaraderie and warmth. Some of them are..

  • Teachers day and Guru Purnima celebrations to show our gratitude to our faculty.
  • Dissertation completion party.
  • Final year students passing out celebration.
  • Farewells to retiring staff.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Navratri celebrations

A Case report: Squamous cell carcinoma of kidney: A Rare Variant of Renal Carcinoma