Department of Surgery
Government Medical College Surat

Goals & Objectives

  • To prepare M.B;B.S. and M.S. candidates so that they serve the society in a mature and responsible manner.They will more emphasis on prevention of diseases., giving health education, eradication of taboos and creation of health awareness.

Faculty Members

Dr. P. N. KanthariaM.S.Head & Professor
Dr. Nimesh VermaM.S.Additional Professor
Dr. Divyang DaveM.S.Additional Professor
Dr. Bina VaidyaM.S.Additional Professor
Dr. Sandip KansalM.S.D.N.B.Additional Professor
Dr. Jignesh ShahM.S.Additional Professor
Dr. Mukesh PancholiM.S.Associate Professor
Dr. Pravin SharmaM.S.Associate Professor
Dr. Devendra ChaudhariM.S.Associate Professor
Dr. Manish ChaudhariM.S.Associate Professor
Dr. Jignesh PatelM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Hardik AstikM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Ankit RathwaM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Alpesh ParmarM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Prakash PatelM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Tejas PatelM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Pankaj B. BharadavaM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Hardik B. MakwanaM.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Saurabh Pandey M.S.Assistant Professor
Dr. Haresh B. ItaliyaM.S.Assistant Professor

Teaching Facilities

FacilityNumberSizeSeating Capacity
Seminar Rooms1800 Sq. Ft50
Demonstration Rooms4500 Sq. Ft/ each20
Audiovisual aidsAdequate
LCD Projector01
Slider Projector01
Computer with multimedia05
Digital Camera01
Laptop Computer04
Internet connection01

Departmental Library: (Having latest advanced books & journals)

  • Total No. of Books : 145
  • Purchase of latest edition In last 3 years:
  1. Campbell Urology- Set of 4- Volumes
  2. Surgery of Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas by L.H. Blumgart set of 2 Volumes.
  • Journals : Internet Journals-
  1. Indian Journal of Surgery
  2. British Journal of Surgery
  3. British Journal of Urology
  4. Journal of Gastroenterology
  5. Cancer
  6. Surgical Clinic of North America (SCNA)

In addition department has got computer software, CDs, Education Teaching slides and other Teaching & Learning Materials

Department Museum:

  1. Space: Ft.50 ft x 50 ft
  2. No. of Specimens: 50
  3. No. of Slides :100
  4. Cases :
  5. Spots :
  6. Presentation :
  7. Teaching Files :
  8. Dissertation :

Services Provided/ Functions of Department

For Clinical Departments

  • Academic: Lectures, Practical, seminars, workshops etc.
For Graduation
TaskDaily Teaching Work
Lecturesseven Times A Week
DemonstrationThrice A Week
For Post Graduation
TaskDaily Teaching Work
Number of PG Students27
Journal clubOnce A Week
Assigned topicOnce A Week
Clinical case presentationTwice A Week
Discussion on interesting X-rays/ Path. Specimens/InstrumentsOnce A Week
For Interns
TaskDaily Teaching Work
DemonstrationTwice A Week
ProcedureThrice A Week


  • No. of Wards / Beds
  • Wards= 6 Beds= 200
  • No. of Operation theatres= 07
  • No. of ICUs with their special features /equipments

One with 5 Motorised Fowler Beds, 5 Ventilators, 5 Multipara Monitors, ABG Analyser, Electrolye Estimation, portable X-ray

  • Procedures, Operations (being performed)
  • List of Equipments / Instruments
  • Special Services offered



  • Already made
  • On hand Research

Key Performance Indicators

For clinical Department:

  • Number of OPD patients per month/year 5500/month
  • Number of indoor patients per month/year 480-550/month
  • Number of Operations/procedures per month/year 290-300 major; 1650-1700 minor per month
  • Average duration of hospital stay per patient 6.9 days
  • Number of research projects undertaken in the year 11-12(9 Thesis and 2-3 other projects)