Department of Paediatrics


  • Unordered List ItemAfter completing the course UG student should be able to take History including immunization history, do Physical Examination, Assess growth & developmental , ask for the appropriate investigations and diagnose & treat common pediatric & Neonatal Illnesses, identify emergency conditions, give emergency treatment including resuscitation and refer appropriately as & when required


* After Completing the course a PG student should be able to take Detailed History including that of immunisation, assess growth & development, do physical examination, ask for the appropriate investigation & diagnose & treat all pediatric & neonatal illnesses.

  • He should have proper knowledge of the gadgets used in NICU and pediatric wards and should be able to use them routinely & during emergencies.
  • He should be able to handle all pediatric & neonatal emergencies & counsel family regarding course of the disease & prognosis.
  • He should be able to perform routine diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, proper counseling of parents regarding perinatal care, neonatal care, immusations, growth & development, proper child rearing practices and general care & hygiene.
  • He should be able to do clinical research including statistical analysis of the data collected.
  • He should be able to develop leadership qualities, organize and work as a team member.
  • He should be able to guide Junior Residents, Nurses, Under Graduates Student & should be able to train & teach them.

Faculty Members

Name of the FacultyQualificationDesignation
Dr. V.B.ShahM.D.PediatricsProfessor & HOD
Dr. Kirti MehtaM.D.PediatricsAssociate Professor
Dr. Sangita TrivediM.D.PediatricsAdditional Professor
Dr. Jigisha PatadiaM.D.PediatricsAdditional Professor
Dr. Yogesh Parikh Associate Professor
Dr.Ankur PatelM.D.PediatricsAssistant Professor
Dr. Priti PatelM.D.PediatricsAssistant Professor
Dr. Pinakini SolankiM.D.PediatricsAssistant Professor
Dr. Khusbu Chaudhari M.D.PediatricsAssistant Professor
Dr. Vaishali Chaudhari Assistant Professor
Dr. Sujit Chaudhari Assistant Professor
Dr. Vijay B.ShahProfessor & HODM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Kirti MehtaAsso. ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Khushbu ChaudhariAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Sujeet ChaudhariAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Twinkle PatelSenior ResidentM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Dhaval Shah3rd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Sangeetha Selvam3rd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Ekta Kotadiya2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Barkhakumari Patel2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Nayan Patel2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Aditya Bhatt1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Zarna MayankKumar1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Sangita TrivediAdd. ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Ankur PatelAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Praful BambharoliyaAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Avani PatelSenior ResidentM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Anjali Bhutada3rd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Gunjan Jain3rd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Anilkumar Chauhan2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Ashruti Patel2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Arya J Bhadran2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Rakesh Chhotala1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Charmy Patel1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Jagruti Konkani1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Jigisha PatadiyaAdd. ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Pinakini SolankiAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Priti PatelAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Daya GohilSenior ResidentM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Mitali Patel3rd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Saumya Jhaveri2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Ajaybhai Deshmukh2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Bhoomi Patel2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Sakshi Suman1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Gaigonglung1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Ravi Rathod1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Yogesh ParikhAsso. ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Panna PatelAsso.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Upendra ChaudharyAsst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Vaishali Chaudhari Asst.ProfessorM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Sherya PatelSenior ResidentM.D. Pediatrics
Dr. Krupa Parikh3rd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Reshmi K R2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Vasant kumar Prajapati2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Gayatri Maheta2nd Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Asha Rathod1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Vishal Rangaliya1st Year ResidentMBBS
Dr. Sreeja V1st Year ResidentMBBS
FacilityNumberSizeSitting Capacity
Seminar Rooms1500 Sq. Ft25
Demonstration Rooms2300 Sq. Ft15
Audiovisual aidsAdequate
LCD Projector01
Slider Projector01
Computer with multimedia07
Digital Camera01
Laptop Computer02
Internet connection00
Infocus Projector LP01
Microlink HCL overhead Projector01
White Board03
DVD Player02
Desktop Visual Presenter01

Departmental Library: (Having latest advanced books & journals)

In addition department has got computer software, CDs, Education Teaching slides and other Teaching & Learning Materials

  1. Total No. of Books :319
  2. Purchase of latest edition in last 3 years: —
  3. Journals(online)In addition department has got Education Teaching CDs.
  1. Archives of Diseases in Childhood
  2. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.
  3. Child: Care, Health, and Development.
  4. Clinical pediatric emergency medicine.
  5. Clinics in perinatology.
  6. International journal of pediatrics.
  7. Journal of pediatric orthopedics.
  8. Journal of pediatrics.
  9. Journal of pediatric and adolescent gynecology.
  10. Journal of pediatric and child health
  11. Journal of tropical pediatrics.
  12. Pediatric clinics of North America.
  13. Pediatric allergy end immunity.
  14. Pediatric critical care medicine.
  15. Pediatric dermatology.
  16. Pediatric neurology
  17. Pediatric transplantation.