Department of Pharmacology


Department of Pharmacology was established in 1973 running PG courses of MD Pharmacology since 1981. Every year there 5 MD candidates are getting admission to MCI recognized courses. Recently, 14 MD seats have been approved by National Medical Commission on 14th February 2023. Dr. Acharya Chetan R.,Professor and Head of Department, has developed the department gradually and persistently with hisintegrated efforts. He is a PG teacher for Pharmacology, guiding the postgraduate students. He is also founder of IntPCON. Apart from routine academic activities,the department carries out many research activities. The department has successfully organized three national and international conferences in two years as well as planned for upcoming years. The department undertakes CMEs and Workshops on Pharmacovigilance and other related areas. For undergraduate students, department is actively involved in short term studentship (STS) projects. Other than M.B.B.S. education, department is also involved in Physiotherapy, Nursing and Laboratory Technician education. The department is working actively towards initiation of D.M. in Clinical Pharmacology course in the institution.

  1. Goals: To inculcate rational and scientific basis of therapeutics
  2. Objective: To acquire knowledge and develop skills as under
1Complete adherence to CBME
2Simulation based practical
3Development of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) for UG education
4Basic knowledge of pharmacovigilance
5Development therapeutic drug monitoring centre
6Mannequin based injections techniques
7To provide practical aspects related to dose calculation, therapeutics related to different systems
8Further innovations in interactive teaching learning and assessment methods
9Organizing conference involving students at national & international level
1Incorporation of pharmaceutical company-based competency training related to drug development
2Innovations in experimental models using Computer Assisted Learning
3Rotational posting in clinical departments and pharmaceutical companies for practical exposure and skill devlopment
4Strengthening research activities in collaborative ways
5Development of pharmaco-economics and pharmaco-epidemiology
6Spreading awareness related to environmental pharmacology
7To start course for DM pharmacology
8To develop branch of clinical pharmacology
9To start e-bulletin for pharmacology
10Organizing conference involving students and faculties at national & international level
Sr. No.NameQualificationDesignation
01.Dr. Chetana AcharyaM.D. PharmacologyProfessor & Head
02Dr. Preeti YadavM.D. PharmacologyAssociate Professor
03Dr. Anita SinhaM.D. PharmacologyAssociate Professor
04Dr. Chetan patelM.D. PharmacologyAssociate Professor
05Dr. Mayur ChaudhariM.D. PharmacologyAssociate Professor
06Dr. B.DivakarM.D. PharmacologyAssistant Professor
07Dr. Hardik VaniyaM.D. PharmacologyAssistant Professor
08Dr. Haiya ShethM.D. PharmacologyAssistant Professor
9Dr. Neha Patel MSc PharmacologyTutor
10Dr. Manoj HalpatiMBBSTutor
11Dr. Nrupal PatelM.D. PharmacologyTutor
12Dr. Rahul ChudhariMBBSTutor
13Dr. Priyanka PatelM.D. PharmacologyTutor
14Dr. Mrugank PatelM.D. PharmacologyTutor
Sr. No.NameDesignation
01Dr. Vijita Shah3rd Year Resident
02Dr. Sana Turki3rd Year Resident
03Dr. Pradip Sodha3rd Year Resident
04Dr. Jeenal Mistry3rd Year Resident
05Dr. Ayushi Patel2nd Year Resident
06Dr. Sajal Pandya2nd Year Resident
07Dr. Aarti Jambu2nd Year Resident
08Dr. Tushar Talavia2nd Year Resident
09Dr. Kajal Chudhari2nd Year Resident
10Dr. Mehul Bhanderi1st Year Resident
11Dr. Brijesh Sojitra1st Year Resident
12Dr. Dilip Kanjariya1st Year Resident
13Dr. Lay shah1st Year Resident
14Dr. Anil Makvana1st Year Resident


Sr.No.Staff NameDesignation
1Mr. Premanand t. ValviLab technician
2Mrs. Erika chauhanclerk
3Mr. Rakesh SolankiPeon
4Mr. Narendra SinghPeon

UG/PG Courses offered with their syllabus (With No.of UG/PG Degree/Diploma seats)


*Department of pharmacology, GMc,Surat received NMC approval for increase in PG seats from 5 to 14th February,2023.

Teaching Facilities

FacilityNumberSizeSitting Capacity
Seminar Rooms160 Sq M30
Demonstration Rooms455 Sq M each75 each
Audiovisual aidsAdequate
LCD Projector3
Laptop Computer2

Number of ADR per month/year

numberjan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total

Number of audit per month/year

numberjan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total

Departmental Library: (Having Latest Advanced Books & Journals) 1.Total No. of Books : 535 2.Purchase of latest edition in last 3 years: 0 3.Journals: 3 EQUIPMENTS Department Museum:**

1.Space:130 sq m

2.No. of Specimens :300 drug specimens

3.No. of Catalogs of the samples: 15

No. Research ProjectResearch Officer
1A Retrospective analysis of pharmacoeconomics and drugutilization study in drug resistant tuberculosis attertiary care hospital, Gujarat.Dr. Vijita Shah
Dr.Chetan Patel
2A cross sectional study of effect of antiepileptic drugs onquality of life and their side effects in pediatric epilepsypatients in a tertiary care hospital.Dr. Sana Turki
Dr.Mayur Chudhari
3Correlation of anticholinergic agents in patients withschizophrenia on antipsychotic therapy and extrapyramidal side effects.Dr. Pradip Sodha
Dr. preeti Yadav
4An observational study on outcome of anti-tubercular andanti-diabetic therapy in patients of tuberculosis withdiabetes mellitus as comorbidity.Dr. Jeenal Mistry
Dr.Anita Sinha
Dr.B Divakar
5A retrospective study on drug utilization patterns and costanalysis of drugs used in covid 19 positive patienthospitalizes at tertiary care hospital.Dr.Manoj Halpati
Dr.C R Acharya
6A cross sectional survey to evaluate Knowledge, Attitude & Practices among Interns & Post graduate residents towards Medication Error in a tertiary care teaching hospital.Dr. Jeenal Mistry
Dr. B. Divakar
Dr.Nrupal Patel
7A knowledge, attitude, perception study of pharmacovigilance amongst healthcare professionals of tertiary care hospital, Gujarat , India.Dr. Vijita Shah
Dr. Chetan Patel
8Effect of oral contraceptive pill on central corneal thickness and intra ocular pressure in young females.Dr. Chetan Patel
Dr. Vijita Shah
Dr. Neha Patel
Dr. Ragini Verma
Dr.Preeti Kapadia
9Evaluation of drug utilization pattern and cost analysis of outpatient of dermatology department at tertiary care teaching hospital of South Gujarat.Dr. Chetan Patel
Dr. Sajal Pandya
10Comparison of Case-Based Learning and Conventional Method In Pharmacology Among Undergraduate Medical Students In A Large Group Setting.Dr. Chetan Patel
Dr. Bhargavi Patel
Dr.Jeenal Patel
Dr.Jigar Chotaliya
Dr. Sana Turki
Dr.Preeti Yadav
11Effect of Vitamin C Supplementation on Sputum Conversion Rate of Category-I Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Intensive Phase Anti Tubercular Therapy – A Prospective Observational Study.Dr. Mrugank Patel
Dr. Anita Sinha
12A Cross-Sectional Study of Usage Pattern and Awareness on Self-Medication and Use of Drugs by Non- Prescription Methods inUndergraduate Medical & Paramedical Students.Dr. Saahil Singh
Dr. Anita Sinha
13Awareness regarding ‘Informed Consent ‘amongst patients admitted for hysterectomy in a tertiary care centre.Dr. Shri Nidhi
Dr. Anita Sinha
14A study of Covid19 infected patients with tuberculosis as co morbidity and on anti-tubercular drug therapy.Dr.Anita Sinha
Dr.Bhoomika Patel
Dr. Mamta Verma
15Study of BCG Vaccination status of Covid 19 infected patients & its relationship to morbidity, mortality & treatment outcome of the Covid 19 disease.Dr.Anita Sinha
Dr.Bhoomika Patel
16Evaluation of medication errors by prescription audit at tertiary care teaching hospital.Dr. Chetan Patel
Dr. Jeenal Patel
Dr. Kashal Navadia
17Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical education and psychology of final year MBBS students in a tertiary care teaching hospital.Kaushal Navadia
Dr. Chetna Patel
Dr. Bhargavi Patel
Dr. Manoj Halpati
18Evaluation of use of analgesics in post operative patients of surgery department in a tertiary care hospital.Kshijit Manchanda
Dr.Mayur Chaudhari
Dr.Nrupal Patel
19Knowledge, attitude and practices towards sources of drug information among interns and residents at a tertiary care teaching hospital, South Gujarat.Parth B Patel
Dr. Haiya Sheth
Dr.Disha Patel
20Analysis of appropriateness of prescription pattern and rationality of prescriptions among geriatric population at tertiary care teaching hospital in south Gujarat, India.Jay Kakadiya
Dr. Priyanka Patel
Dr.Neha Patel
21A study of Covid 19 patients with DM as comorbidity & on anti-diabetic drug therapy at a tertiary care hospital in Surat.Dr.Mayur Chudhari
Dr.Anita Sinha
22A study of Covid 19 patients with hypertension as comorbidity & on anti-hypertensive drug therapy at a tertiary care hospital in Surat.Dr.Anita Sinha
Dr.Mayur Chudhari
1A retrospective study involving drug utilization pattern and cost analysis of drugs used in female breast cancer patients attending cancer center in a tertiary care hospital.Dr.Ayushi Patel
Dr.C R Achrya
2Evaluation of drug utilization pattern of anti-diabetic drugs in diabetic patients attending outpatient at tertiary care teaching hospital of South Gujarat.Dr.Sahal Pandya
Dr.Chetna Patel
3A cross-sectional observational study on drug utilization pattern and adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in indoor patients of pediatric department at a tertiary care hospital.Dr.Aarti jambu
Dr.b Divakar
4A cross-sectional observational study for the evaluation of adverse drug reactions of anti-psychotics at tertiary care hospitalDr.Tushar Talavia
Dr.Mayur Chudhari
5A retrospective study on cost analysis and drug utilization among indoor patients of schizophrenia at psychiatric department of tertiary care hospital of south Gujrat. Dr.Kajal Chaudhari
Dr.Preeti Yadav
6A retrospective study of adverse drug reactions in patients taking oral longer drug-resistant tubercular regimen at a tertiary care hospital.Dr. Mehul Bhanderi
Dr. C R Acharya
7Pharmaco-economic variables, effectiveness, and safety of dolutegravir based regimen as a first line ART in people living with HIV at tertiary care hospital of South Gujarat.Dr. Brijesh Sojitra
Dr. Chetna Patel
8Study of drug utilization and quality of life in patients of renal failure on hemodialysis.Dr. Dilip Kanjariya
Dr. Anita Sinha
9An observational study of prescribing pattern in the department of dermatology at tertiary care hospital in South Gujarat.Dr. Lay Shah
Dr. Mayur Chaudhari
10A cross-sectional observational study of drug utilization pattern and cost of illness in patients with osteoarthritis in orthopedic department of tertiary care hospital. Dr. Anil Makwana
Dr. B Divakar
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