Department of MicroBiology

* Concept and application of Next generation Sequencing Technology For AMR Study“

* Government Medical college Surat; Microbiology dept has initiated training program from 3rd to 4th june for ICU nursing staff of New Civil Hospital Surat to combat Global Antimicrobial resistance at ICU premises.



Department of Microbiology is providing laboratory services 24×7 hours since long in Government medical College through many laboratories parameter testing as per NABL norms. Daily sample load is approximately 400-500 samples for culture, microscopy, serological test. Also facilities for environmental samples, water culture, leptospirosis culture, Seasonal flu test , COVID-19 test is available. Department is actively involved in outbreaks, pandemics and is taking part in rapid response team during unusual finding related to health found in the form of epidemics, outbreaks etc. Laboratory is dealing with different parameters of Microbiological test through its updated laboratory facilities like bacteriology, serology, virology, molecular lab, HIV lab, C-DST lab for TB, VRDL lab. Department is providing quality reports through NABL accreditation and by participating in EQAS and recently scope of proving quality report has expanded to HIV viral load test, COVID-19 RT-PCR test, Liquid culture and DST for TB bacilli. Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, is established at Department of Microbiology, Government Medical College (GMC), Surat in 2019 under the Scheme “Establishment of a Network of Laboratories for Managing Epidemics and Natural Calamities” to strengthen infrastructure of viral diagnostics in India by Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It was the first laboratory in the region and one of the three in Gujarat that was started with the onset of covid-19 induced pandemic. With the excellent efforts from entire RT-PCR team especially during acute phases of covid-19 pandemic to till date, an estimated 12 lakh covid-19 tests (from urban and rural) have been done in a span of two years only. The existing capacity of lab is sufficient to conduct the testing of more over 6,000 samples of COVID-19 per day.Department has “Leptospirosis Laboratory And Research” which is only reference laboratory for leptospirosis testing in western India, catering services to whole Gujarat since long.Department of Microbiology is working as Human node stated from this year only-2022 in control of Antimicrobial resistance through “Network Program on Antimicrobial resistance, Superbugs, One health” which is funded through GSBTM. All the patients of new civil Hospital Surat will be benefitted by initiation and implementation of this project as antimicrobial drug resistance is at alarming level now as no new antibiotic residues are being developed and all the current antimicrobials are getting resistant. So awareness regarding judicious use of antibiotics and infection prevention and control measures by health care workers will be improved and any alert organism if identified early can be controlled easily before it causes harm to other patients. HIV viral load test is a molecular test which is started since last 2 years as per NACO program guidelines and funded by the same. With fully automated machines m-2000sp and m-2000rt supplied by NACO. We at HIV viral load laboratory are affiliated with 7 ART centres of South Gujarat for testing samples for HIV-1 viral load test 2200 samples per month. HIV viral load laboratory Surat is now NABL accredited laboratory as ISO 15189 standard.Under National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme (NVHCP), Department has started HBV and HCV viral load testing since last 2 years along with screening test for both and other viral hepatitis causes for prevention and control of viral hepatitis, with a view to provide free of charge screening, Viral load testing, treatment & counselling services to all, and specially to people belonging to high-risk groups.Through C-DST Laboratory for tuberculosis we are providing different diagnostic services as per NTEP with CBNAAT, Trunet, Solid and liquid culture and DST and recently infrastructure facility for LPA has been developed and soon will be started.

Goal and objectives of department:

  • Our mission is to offer inclusive education and create a continuous stream of trained medical professionals to cater to the emerging healthcare needs, to serve the community needs, disadvantaged and underprivileged people at most affordable cost.
  • Microbiological department commits to provide accurate and clinically useful results by using appropriate testing methods and upholding good Laboratory practices.
  • For quality we report the results of examination in ways, which are timely, confidential, accurate and clinically of use. The Microbiological Laboratory provides round the clock services to the society, for any outbreak department support, 24 x 7 , 365 days in a year.

Functions by Department:

  • Department of Microbiology offers various diagnostic services in the field of Bacteriology, Serology, Culture and Molecular testing for Leptospirosis, Dengue, H1N1, Tuberculosis, Mycology, Parasitology, HIV Laboratory which is:SRL (State reference laboratory)ICTC centre (integrated counselling and testing centre),PPTCT centre (Prevention of parents to child transmition),STI Centre (Sexually transmitted infections); having CD4 testing facility.
  • Covid 19 RT PCR testing has started since March 2020
  • HIV Viral load laboratory is functioning from 15 feb 2021 as per the Directives of NACO.
  • Our laboratory has started HCV viral load testing from march 2021 and HBV viral load testing from September 2021.
  • In the Microbiology laboratory majority of the tests are NABL accredited (National Accreditation Board for testing and Clinical Laboratories) which is a distinction obtained by very few laboratories in the country
  • Laboratory receives around 1,00,000 samples from hospital. Majority test are accrediated by NABL. The laboratory is committed to give timely report to patients and thus helping in patient care.
  • Immunology laboratory receives 200-250 samples per day. Laboratory is performing ELISA for many serology parameters like HAV,HEV,HBsAg,and few specialised tests like Measles,Dengue(IgM,NS1,PCR).
  • Bacteriology laboratory received 100-150 samples per day.

Services Provided

1.Aerobic Culture and susceptibility for urine/ pus / swab/ body fluid/ Blood/ CSF / Sputum
2.Gram stain
3.Acid Fast Stain
4.Albert stain for throat swab
5.Hepatitis-B Rapid test for HBs Antigen detection
6.Hepatitis-B ELISA test for HBs Antigen detection
7.Ig M antibody detection for HAV by rapid test
8.Ig M antibody detection for HEV by Rapid test
9.Ig M antibody detection for HAV by ELISA test
10.Ig M antibody detection for HEV by ELISA test
11.Ig M antibody detection for HCV by rapid test
12.Ig M antibody detection for HCV by ELISA test
13.NS 1 Antigen Detection for Dengue by ELISA test
14.Ig M antibody detection for Dengue by ELISA test
15.Ig M antibody detection for Chikungunya by ELISA test
16.Rapid plasma reagin test.(RPR)
17.Anti Streptolysin O test (ASO)
18.C Reactive Protein (CRP)
19.Rheumatoid Factor (RA test)
21.Leptospirosis -Rapid test for Ig M antibody detection
22.Leptospirosis -ELISA test for Ig M antibody detection
23.Leptospirosis(MAT-Microscopic agglutination )
24.PCR Test For Leptospirosis
25.HIV ELISA test for Antibody detection
26.HIV rapid test for Antibody detection by Dot Immuno assay test
27.HIV rapid test for Antibody detection by Immunochromatography test
28.HIV rapid test for Antibody detection by Immunoconcentration. Test
29.PCR Test for H1N1 Influenza
30.PCR Test for Covid19
31.HCV Viral load test
32.HBV Viral load test
33.HIV -1 Viral load test
34.Test for CD4 Count
35.Ig M and Ig G antibody detection for Measle by ELISA test Slide Widal Test

Faculty Members

Dr. Sumaiya MullanM.D. Micro & Path, PhD Professor & Head of Dep
Dr. Geeta VaghelaM.D. (Micro)Associate Professor
Dr. Sangeeta RajdevM.D. (Micro)Associate Professor
Dr. Tanvi SukharamwalaM.D. (Micro)Associate Professor
Dr.Latika ShahM.D. (Micro)Assistant Professor
Dr. Ullas BhabhorM.D. Micro Assistant Professor
Dr. Dipal JethwaM.D. (Micro)Assistant Professor
Dr. Purvi GandhiM.D. (Micro)Tutor
Dr. Alpa S. PatelM.D. (Micro)Tutor
Dr. Yogita MistryM.D. (Micro)Tutor
Dr.Palak ModiM.D (Micro)S.R
Dr.Anvi PiludariyaM.D (Micro)S.R

Resident Doctors

Sr. NoName of DoctorDesignation
1.Dr. Shreyanshi Desai3rd year Resident
2.Dr. Daya Katariya3rd year Resident
3.Dr. priyanka Parmar3rd year Resident
4.Dr. Krishti Sarkar3rd year Resident
5.Dr. Komal Kanani2nd year Resident
6.Dr. Bidisha pal2nd year Resident
7.Dr. Mansi Hirpara1st year Resident
8.Dr. Meetkumar Patel1st year Resident

Non-Teaching Staff

Sr.NoStaff NameDesignation
1.Hetalkumar S. NaikTechnician
2.Pushpa G. PatelTechnician
3.Parul NaikTechnician
4.Neeta ChaudharyTechnician
5.Shweta patelTechnician
6.Alpna ChaudharyTechnician
7.Kavita PatelTechnician
8.Vibha patelTechnician
9.Kokila PatelTechnician
10.Varsha PatelTechnician
11.Pratiksha PatelLab Technician
12.Hetal patelLab Technician
13.Hemangini PatelLab Technician
14.Divya PatelLab Technician
15.Dimple ShiroyaLab Technician
16.Nikunj PatelLab Technician
17.Jigisha GamitTechnician
18.Mr.Arjun SolankiClerk

VRDL Staff

Sr.NoStaff NameDesignation
1.Dr. pooja PatelResearch Scientist(non medical)
2.Monika PatelResearch Assistant
3.Anjali HingrajiyaLaboratory technician
4.Raja GoudLaboratory technician
5.Khushal SonawareData Entry Operator

ICTC Staff

Sr.NoStaff NameDesiggnation
1.unnati DesaiLaboratory Technician
2.Shilpaben GajeraLaboratory Technician
3.Varsha VankaniCounselor
4.Shivajibhai GamitCounselor
5.Nandkumar patilPPTCT Lab technician
6.Shreya KananiSTI Lab tachnician
7.Maulika DerasariSRL Lab Technician
8.Priyanka BathaniSRL Technical Officer

HIV Viral Load

SR.NoStaff NameDesignation
1.Komal ShedgeTechnical officer
2.Hetal LathiyaLaboratory technician

TB IRL Staff

SR.No.Staff NameDesignation
1.Raxita KarkarLaboratory technician
2.Disha AhirLaboratory technician
3.Tinkal MistryLaboratory technician
4.Dipti MoreLaboratory technician
5.Chandni BariyaLaboratory technician
6.Rekha PatelLaboratory technician
7.Ankita GajeraLaboratory technician

AMR Project Staff

SR.No.Staff NameDesignation
1.Dipali J MistriJunior Research Fellow
2.Daxita M MandaniJunior Research Fellow

HAI Project Staff

(Capacity building and strengthening of hospital infection control to detect and prevent antimicrobial resistance in India.)

SR.No.Staff NameDesignation
1.Priya N PatelJunior Research Fellow
2.Divya A PatelJunior Nurse
3.Govind K PatilData Entry Operator

UG/PG Course Offered with their syllabus(with No. of UG/PG Degree/Diploma seats.)


Teaching Facilities

Seminar Rooms236 Sq. Ft35-40 students
Demonstration Rooms460 Sq. Ft70-75 students
Audiovisual aidsAdequate
LCD Projector1
Computer set5
Internet ConnectionYes

Teaching Facilities In Microbiology Department:

The department of Microbiology is located on the third floor of the College wing. It has an Undergraduate laboratory for conducting practical for students, a research laboratory, preparation room, departmental store, departmental library, departmental seminar room, demonstration room, lecture hall museum and rooms for faculty members. Department has facility of internet for PG student and faculties for research work.

Key Performance indicators

YEAR20192020202120222023( till FEBRUARY)

Leptospirosis laboratory and research centre:

  • Leptospirosis is endemic in South Gujarat, the laboratory receive sample from all over Gujarat and beside Gujarat from western India and Northern India.
  • Leptospirosis laboratory is state of art in western zone, well equipped with basic as well molecular equipment.(RT-PCR machine).
  • Laboratory is doing battery of test for leptospirosis, like Rapid ,ELISA,MAT,PCR and Culture.
  • The faculties are well trained from reference centre of India, (WHO ICMR) Andaman,Portblair.One of the training was awarded by Dr.Ramdas, Health minister of India in 2005.


TB IRL – Tuberculosis Intermediate Reference Laboratory, is the referral laboratory for TB diagnosis, located under the department of Microbiology, Government Medical College, in New Civil Hospital Campus, Surat. This TB IRL developed with the help of Government of India, Government of Gujarat, State TB Office-Gandhinagar, New Civil Hospital Surat, and restless efforts of Dr Summaiya Mullan (DCP, MD, PhD, PGDRM) – Professor and Head Microbiology and in-charge of TB IRL Surat.

The Laboratory having two floors and almost 22 rooms to handle the significant workload by the latest diagnostic methods according to WHO & CDC (International) guidelines. This is the third Laboratory in Gujarat to help in the diagnosis of TB patients. It caters entire populations of South Gujarat and provides absolutely FREE diagnosis of TB to all population which generally cost Rs. 1500-2000 in the private laboratories, with no quality compromise.

The TB IRL Surat was identified as a place for serving to the entire South Gujarat region to diagnose TB and MDR(Multi Drug Resistance) TB cases under the RNTCP PMDT programme. This Laboratory is well equipped to diagnose TB and MDR-TB cases using latest technology like TB-PCR and provide monitoring of treatment by Primary Culture and Drug Susceptibility Testing method with the Gold Standard – Solid Culture (LJ) and also doing liquid Culture ny MGIT,i under the guidance of Dr Summaiya Mullan Professor and Head Microbiology and in-charge of TB IRL Surat. Dr. Vibhuti Patel Working as a Class 1 Microbilologist This Laboratory having the modern instruments like TB-PCR Machine, LED-Fluorescent Microscope, Bio Safety Cabinets ClassIIA2 type, Close buckets centrifuges and many more. We are having negative pressure laboratory with Biosefty Level-3. Resently Central TB Division taken a call to upgrade this Laboretory by Providing twin incubatore and dot blot Machine for Line Probe Assay(LPA) to Detect MDR and XDR TB. Drugs Sensitivity Testing by Liquid culture has started.The TBIRL get certificate of proficiency in MAY 2021 for TUBERCULOSIS DRUG SUSCEPTIBILITY TESTING by Liquid Culture .

College College College College College College College GMCS College College College Collegetbir_1_

This Laboratory was established under the department of health reaserch. This laboratory was installed in 2019 at the Department of Microbiology GMC Surat.This Laboratory works on the guidance of Dr.Summaiyan Mullan(Principal Investigator). Main goal of this Laboratory to Devlope Capacity to carry out serological and Molecular diagnosis & research on common viral diseases. In current scenario where covid-19 pandemic is going on, this laboratory has a major role to diagnose covid-19.till yet we have tested 1,30,000 covid-19.till yet we have tested more than 10 Lakh covid-19 samples.

This program has been Lunched by ministry of health and family welfare and WHO for early Diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis of Healthcare settings. Major goal of this Program to eliminate Hepatitis B & C by 2030 and reducing morbidity and mortality related to HBV & HCV. Department of Microbiology GMC Surat is working as a Nodal Diagnostic center for NVHCP at state level. Dr. Summaiyan Mullan Professor & Head of Microbiology Dep. GMCS & Dr. Dipal Jethwa Assistant Professor Microbilogy Dep. GMC Surat heading this program. very soon HCV viral load is going to start.

This laboratory is a part of department of microbiology GMC Surat. It sis an ART of Technology Laboratory as it is equipped with fully automated viral extraction machine m2000sp and real time PCR Machine m2000rts so there could be minimum Contamination, Fast results and minimum Man power requirements. HIV 1 viral load tests is now necessary for the management of all patinas on ART(Anti Retro Viral Therapy) as it is very important Marker of response to ART. At present around 5500 patients of PLWH are registered under ART center, NCH Surat who need Reguler follow up with HIV 1 Viral load count. The HIV 1 Viral load has been Developed under the guidance Dr. Summaiyan Mullan Professor & Head of Microbiology(Principal Investigator) Dep. GMCS & Dr. Sangeeta Rajdev Assistant Professor Microbiology (Co PI) with suppor from Dean GMC Surat. NACO & Ahemdabad. The Laboratory will be functioned from 15 Feb 2021 as per the Directives of NACO.

Department participating in different National Programme:

  • State based Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP):It is designated as state reference laboratory supporting all peripheral health system for laboratory test. To list few disease being tested and monitored are Cholera, Dengue, Typhoid, Chickunguniya, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, Measles, Chandipura virus H1N1 virus, Bird flu, Bacterial meningitis, Japanese encephalitis , SARS, MERS -CoV, CCHF and now latest Ebola virus. The laboratory data goes every week at Gandhinagar nearly 1,15,000 tests were done in October 2015.
  • National AIDS control Programme
  • Prevention of Parent To Child Transmission Programme(PPTCT)
  • National TB Elimination Programme(NTEP)
  • National Vector Born Disease Control Programme(NVBDCP)
  • National Viral Hepatitis Control Progrmme(NVHCP)
  • Awarded by Health & family welfare department of government of Gujarat for excellent work done in Leptospirosis control in post flood outbreak in Surat in 2007.
  • Awarded ICTC for the “Outstanding performance for HIV testing, 2009 by Human Surat AIDS Prevention and Control Unit.
  • Supportive award for excellent work in H1N1 pandemic by Health & family welfare of Government of Gujarat in 2011.
  • The dedicated work by the Department of Microbiology GMC Surat During Covid 19 Pendemic was falicitated by the District Administrative Officer of Surat in 2021
  • Unordered List ItemDepartment has near 28 publications on different subjects.
  • DR Daya.Katariya Second year resident got 2 nd prize in GUJ Tb Con 2022 in poster presentation.
  • DR Priyanka.Patel Second year resident got 2 nd prize in GUJ Tb Con 2022 in quiz competiton
  • DR Komal First year resident got 3rd prize in 9th National “ Preparedness for Infectious diseases in Metro cities”Conference on one Health in oral paper presentation.

1) All laboratories of Department of Microbiology are NABL accredited since 2009 for testing of infectious diseases and actively participating in proficiency testing program IAMM EQAS of Sir Gangaram hospital, Delhi and for Leptospirosis NRC Australia.

2) IRL- TB laboratory is state of art laboratory of Gujarat and has started testing for diagnosis of Tuberculosis in south Gujarat

3) Leptospirosis laboratory is a state reference laboratory of Gujarat.

4) Swine flu laboratory is a reference laboratory of south Gujarat.

5) Department is actively participating in Hospital Infection control program for New civil hospital Surat, Dr. Geeta Vaghela is Member of HIC team of NCH Surat.

6) Dr. Manali Shah 2nd year PG student has been awarded as first prize and best oral paper in Microbiology at 40th GAPM conference held on 17th -18th December 2016 Vapi, Gujarat under the guidance of Dr. Summaiya Mulla.

7) Dr. Manthan Shah 3rd year PG student has been awarded as first prize oral paper presentation in IABS 2017 held at Bhavnagar, Gujarat under the guidance of Dr. Summaiya Mulla and Dr. Geeta Vaghela.

8) Awarded as IRAJ excellent Paper presentation by Mrs. Ashvika Sarwankar at National conference on recent advances in Medical sciences, Pune, 2016 under guidance of Dr. Summaiya Mulla.

9) Post graduate students have presented posters at National conference of IAMM at Post graduate institute, Chandigarh on different aspects of microbiology under guidance of Dr. Summaiya Mullan.

10) Every year since 2009; STI Clinic NCH Surat has been awarded for best performance in Medical College category.

11) Dr. Summaiyan Mullan is a Technical and Lead assessor of NABL.

12) Dr. Geeta Vaghela is a member of HIC committee and Kayakalp of New civil Hospital Surat & also a member of Scintific Research Commitee(SRC) & Medical Education Unit(MEU)

13) Dr. Neeta Khandelwal is a Pricipal Investigator in the reaserch project of “Capicity Building & Strengthening of Hospital Infection Control to Detect & Prevent Anti Microbial resistence in india

14) Dr. Tanvi Panwala & Dr. Geeta Vaghela are Co PI in the Research Project of “Capicity Building & Strengthening of Hospital Infection Control to Detect & Prevent Anti Microbial resistence in india.

Sr. NoDissertations TopicSubmission YearP.G Teacher
1.Comparative study for employing microscopic agglutination test using patient leptospira isolates with the reference strain of leptospiraApril/May 2018Dr .Summaiya Mullan
2.Study of Antibiogram in a Tertiary care hospitalApril/May 2018Dr .Summaiya Mullan
3.Identification ,prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility testing of Non fermenters in tertiary care hospital at SuratApril/May 2018Dr . Geeta Vaghela
4.A study of bacteriological profile and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of neonatal septicemia in a tertiary care hospital, SuratDecember 2020Dr . Neeta Khandelwal
5.A study of bacteriological profile and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern in patients of VAP (Ventilator Associated pneumonia ) from a tertiary care hospital at south Gujarat December 2020Dr . Neeta Khandelwal
6.Study of spectrum of sexually transmitted infection among STIs clinic attendees at tertiary care hospital of south GujaratDecember 2020Dr . Geeta Vaghela
7.A study of microbiological profile and antibiotic sensitivity of isolates from ocular infection in a tertiary care hospital of south Gujarat, observational prospective cross sectional studyOctober 2021Dr . Neeta Khandelwal
8.A study of superficial mycoses in a tertiary care hospitalOctober 2021Dr.Latika Purohit
9.Study of antifungal drug susceptibility in isolated candida species from clinical samples and detection of its biofilm formation from patients having indwelling devices in tertiary care hospital , South GujaratOctober 2021Dr . Geeta Vaghela

Postar/Oral Presentation

Sr.NoName of ParticipantName of the ConferenceyearPostar/Oral Presentation
1.Dr. Palak ModiIPCON2021Bacteriological profile of microorganism isolated from blood culture in Intensive Care Unit in Tertiary care hospital, South Gujarat.
2.Dr. Anvi MahidaIPCON2021Retrospective study of MRSA detection among patients with wound infection in a tertiary care hospital of South Gujarat .
3.Dr.Shreyanshi DesaiIPCON20211)Retrospective study of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract infection among patients admitted In ICUs in a tertiary care Hospital of South Gujarat .
4.Dr.Shreyanshi DesaiGUJ-TBCON20222) Retrospective study of Prevelance of Tuberculosis among HIV Positive Patients In tertiary care hospital of South Gujarat region .
5.Dr.DayaKatariyaIPCON20211)Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa in tertiary care hospital of south Gujarat
6.Dr.DayaKatariyaGUJ-TBCON20222)Prevalence of Non-tuberculous mycobacteria isolated during the treatment of Pulmonary tuberculosis in tertiary care hospital, Surat, South Gujarat.
7.Dr Priyanka ParmerIPCON20211)Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in staphylococcus aureus in various clinical isolates at tertiary care hospital in Surat.
8.Dr Priyanka ParmerGUJ-TBCO20222)Diagnosis of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis and sensitivity to Rifampicin in extra pulmonary tuberculosis suspects in South Gujarat .
9.Dr. Komal KananiGUJ-TBCON20221)E-survey on knowledge about newer antituberculerdrugs,drug resistant TB and protection against it among 2nd year undergraduate medical students.
10.Dr. Komal Kanani9th National Conference on One Health ,RN Cooperhospital,Mumbai20232)Seroprevalence of Chikungunya Cases from a Tertiary Care Hospital in South Gujarat: A Retrospective Study. (Oral Paper)
11.Dr.Kristi SarkarGUJ-TBCON20221)E_survey on knowledge about newer antituberculerdrugs,drug resistant TB and protection against it among 2nd year undergraduate medical students .
12.Dr.Kristi Sarkar9th National Conferance on One Health ,RN Cooper hospital,Mumbai20232)A retrospective study on Measles (igM) seropositivity in symptomatic pediatric patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital . (Oral Paper )
13.Dr.Kristi SarkarScientific Conclave on Antimicrobial StewardshipGMERS ,Gandhinagar20233)A study of bacteriological profile and antibiotic susceptibility of isolates from critical care units of a tertiary care hospital .


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