Letter Regarding 20 seats diploma to degree Letter
Letter Regarding EWS Increase Seats in P.G. Letter
PG Course Name Capacity Per Year Year Of RecognitionMCI Recognition Status
1MD Anatomy6- 2013 Yes
2MD Physiology 5-2017 Yes
3MD Biochemistry3-2013 Yes
4MD Pathology 103 2013 Yes(Degree) Yes(Diploma)
5MD Microbiology 3- 2019Yes
6MD Pharmacology5 - 2017Yes
7MD Forensic Medicine2-2013 Yes
8MD Community Medicine 71 2018Yes
9MS Ophthalmology 7-2020 Yes
10MS ENT5-2000Yes
11MD Medicine21-2013 Yes
12MS Surgery22-2020 YesYes
13MS Obstetrics and Gynecology13-2013Yes
14MD Pediatrics12-2013Yes
15MD Anesthesiology18-2013Yes
16MD Radiology7-2017Yes
17MD IHBT2 -2016 Yes
18MD Pulmonary Medicine5-2018Yes Yes
19MD Dermatology4- 2004Yes
20MD Emergency Medicine2 -2019YesYes
21MS Orthopeadics9-2019 Yes
22MD Psychiatry4- 2013Yes