Sr. NOCourse NameCapacity Per YearMCI Recognition Status
2MBBS150 Recognized
3MBBS250MCI 150 To 250 LOP 1st Letter
MCI 150 To 250 LOP 2nd Letter
MCI 150 To 250 LOP 3rd Letter
Letter Regarding 20 seats diploma to degree Letter
Letter Regarding EWS Increase Seats in P.G. Letter
PG Course Name Capacity Per Year Year Of RecognitionMCI Recognition Status
1MD Anatomy6- 2013 Yes
2MD Physiology 5-2017 Yes
3MD Biochemistry3-2013 Yes
4MD Pathology 103 2013 Yes(Degree) Yes(Diploma)
5MD Microbiology 3- 2019Yes
6MD Pharmacology5 - 2017Yes
7MD Forensic Medicine2-2013 Yes
8MD Community Medicine 71 2018Yes
9MS Ophthalmology 7-2020 Yes
10MS ENT5-2000Yes
11MD Medicine21-2013 Yes
12MS Surgery22-2020 YesYes
13MS Obstetrics and Gynecology13-2013Yes
14MD Pediatrics12-2013Yes
15MD Anesthesiology18-2013Yes
16MD Radiology7-2017Yes
17MD IHBT2 -2016 Yes
18MD Pulmonary Medicine5-2018Yes Yes
19MD Dermatology4- 2004Yes
20MD Emergency Medicine2 -2019YesYes
21MS Orthopeadics9-2019 Yes
22MD Psychiatry4- 2013Yes