1. Username and password will be given by Dr Ragini
  2. Log In
  3. click on “My courses”. You will see following screen
  4. go to “MCQ on Qualitative Research”
  5. attempt the MCQ
Sr.NoNamePDF File
1MEU Member List 16-01-2023 MEU Member List 16-01-2023
2MEU ResourceFacultyList 16-01-2023MEU ResourceFacultyList 16-01-2023
3Curriculum Committee Members 16-01-2023Curriculum Committee Members 16-01-2023
4constitution meu committeere-_constitution_meu_1_.pdf
5re-constitution curriculam committeere-_constitution_curriculum_committee.pdf
Sr.NoNamePDF File
1AIT - Committee AIT - Committee
2CS - Committee CS - Committee
3Curriculum Committee Members 16-01-2023 Curriculum Committee Members 16-01-2023
4MEU Member List 16-01-2023 MEU Member List 16-01-2023
5MEU_ResourceFacultyList 16-01-2023 MEU ResourceFacultyList 16-01-2023
6final minutes of meeting 11-2-2022final minutes of meeting 11-2-2022
7Minutes 25-02-2022Minutes 25-02-2022
8minutes of meeting 13-12-2022minutes of meeting 13-12-2022
9minutes of meeting 22-08-2022minutes of meeting 22-08-2022
10minutes of meeting 17-01-2023minutes_17-01-2023.pdf
11minutes of meeting 27-01-2023minutes_27-01-2023.pdf
12minutes of meeting 27-03-2023minutes_27-03-2023.pdf
13minutes of meeting 18-07-2023minutes_18-07-2023.pdf