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Department of Immunohaematology & Blood Transfusion

platelet apheresistherapeutic plasma exchange on apheresis
  • Department came into existence since January 2010.
  • Initially government of Gujarat had sanctioned 3 posts of Professor, Associate Professor & Assistant Professor.
  • IHBT department had MCI nspection on 16th January 2013 for starting degree course of MD (ImmunoHematology & Blood Transfusion) & Letter of Permission [MCI-94(22)/2012-Med/108108/29-03-2013] was given for TWO Post graduates seats from academic year July 2013.
  • IHBT department has been granted MCI recognition in April 2017.
  • To provide safe blood and blood components to the patients admitted in New Civil Hospital, Surat.
  • To develop the department for post graduate students.
  • To increase facilities so as to cater the future needs of the hospital.
  • To Increase the voluntary blood donation activities & goal to achieve near 100% voluntary blood donations.
  • To increase the Annual blood collection by making awareness campaign for blood donors.
  • To start training centre for laboratory technicians for blood banking.
  • To impart knowledge to post graduate students & laboratory technicians.
  • Organise CME, Workshops, Program for voluntary blood donation camp organizers
  • To disseminate knowledge for upgradation of faculties and resident doctors and technical staff of blood bank.
  • Regular participation of Residents in various workshops, CMEs held in various parts of country for upgradation of their skill and knowledge.They will be sent as per their curriculum for rotational training in allied departments & if due to non availability of institutional facilities like BMT, Stem cell transplantation and Hemato-oncology, they will be sent for training to GCRI ahmedabad & IHBT dept Ahmedabad.
Dr. Mayur JaragMD (Pathology)I/c Head, Associate Professor (Pathology)
Dr. Jitendra PatelMD (Pathology)Assistant Professor
Dr. Sangita WadwaniDCPBTO
Dr. Chirag UnagarMD (IHBT)Senior Resident

Dr A N Pandya has retired from the post of Professor & Head of the department on 31/07/2019 with academic extension upto 31/10/2019.

Dr Kruti Nathani3rd Year MD (IHBT)
Dr Pooja Modi3rd Year MD (IHBT)
Dr Nishith Nayan2nd Year MD (IHBT)
Dr Rutvi Modh2nd Year MD (IHBT)
Dr Ajay Taviyad1st Year MD (IHBT)
Dr Arpit Patel2016
Dr Snehal Patel2016
Dr Kruti Raja2017
Dr Gopi Dobariya2017
Dr Chirag Unagar2018
Dr Kamal Patel2019
Gamabhai G ChaudhariTechnical Supervisor
Anjana SuratiLab Technician
Lataben GamitLab Technician
Harhvardhan VankhedeLab Technician
Kajal KachhadiyaLab Technician
Ashok MakwanaLab Technician
Mansukhbhai RudaniLab Technician
Rinkal MaiyaniLab Technician
Jignasha DhorajiyaLab Technician
Asif MarediyaLab Technician
Dharmishtha PatanvadiaLab Technician
Bhavika SuratiLab Technician
Rajesh TalaviyaLab Technician
Rashmika PatelLab Technician
Dharmishtha PatanvadiaLab Technician
khushbu ChovatiyaLab Assistant
Kajal ParamhansCounsellor
Keyur JadhavCounsellor / Nurse
Payal VoraStore Keeper
Fenil PatelNurse
Dipika PatelNurse
Chirag PatelClerk
Pragnesh SolankiClerk
Heena PatelData Entry Operator
Reema PatelData Entry Operator
Jitesh PatelDriver
Sumanbhai HadpatiLab Attendant
Hitesh HadpatiLab Attendant
Manish SolankiLab Attendant
Chetan ShindeLab Attendant
Ankit RameshLab Attendant
Ishwarbhai SolankiLab Attendant
  1. DR Amrish N Pandya has to his credit 15 research papers. He is UG & PG examiner in VNSGU as well as other universities of Gujarat state, Maharastra & Rajsthan in Pathology & IHBT. He is PhD guide in pathology subject since 2011 & having 5 students registered under him up to 2016.He is a reviewer in pathology & Immunohematology & blood transfusion in some of the pathology journals.
  2. Dr Mayur Jarag , associate professor IHBT joined on 31th august 2012 to his credit 2 research papers & he is registered as PhD student under Dr Amrish Pandya as PhD guide.
  3. Dr Jitendra Patel, Assistant professor, IHBT joined in 24-10- 2011, to his credit 9 research papers. He is interested in aphaeresis procedures, stem cell procedures, He is also interested in technical & quality related aspects of blood banking.
  4. Dr Sangita Wadhwani, Blood transfusion officer, is since 1993 in the field of blood banking & keenly supervising the blood bank.
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Sr NoName of PG studentTopic nameAcademic batch yearExamination year
01Dr Arpit PatelA study of HIV sero prevalence in blood donors using third and fourth generation enzyme linked immuno-sorbent essay20132016
02Dr Snehal PateltQuality assessment and post transfusion change in platelet count by platelet concentrate prepared by platelet rich plasma and aphaeresis methods20132016
03Dr Gopi DobariaStudy of usage of fresh frozen plasma and effect of fresh frozen plasma on pre transfusion INR (International normalized ratio)20142017
04Dr Kruti RajaStudy of exchange transfusion by reconstituted blood in haemolytic disease of new born20142017
05Dr chirag UnagarComparative study of haemoglobin estimation of blood donors by specific gravity (Cuso4), Hemocue & Automated hematology analyzer methods20152018
06Dr Kamal PatelStudy of discrepancies in ABO blood group systems20162019

Posters presented by residents in national & international Conferences

Awards and Rewards: (Department & staff members)

  • 2nd prize - highest voluntary blood collection in government blood banks - year 2009-10.
  • Received trophy from Thalessemia awareness program Gujarat to provide free blood to thalessemia patients during year 2013-14.
  • Gradulally annual blood collection is increasing to cater needs of New Civil Hospital Surat.
  • 3rd year resident -Dr Arpit Patel got runner up award for his poster presentation (Platelet volume indices & platelet apheresis) in Annual National Conference of ISTM at Ahmedabnad (14th - 16th November 2014).
  • Received award for highest percentage of blood components issued in the year 2017-18 by GSCBT.

Research activities for CoVID-19 Convalescent Plasma

Co PI - Dr Mayur Jarag Co PI - Dr Jitendra Patel

Total collection proceduresTotal unit issuedTotal patients

plasma donor plasma donor

Blood Bank License

  • FDA License No: G-710 which is valid upto 31/12/2021.
  • Download link - licence_g710_311221.pdf
  • Average blood units consumed daily: 50 blood units (year 2017).
  • Facilities of blood components available:Yes
SpecialityTotal no of unit issued in 2017Total no of units issued per day in 2017Total no of unit issued in 2018Total no of units issued per day in 2018
General Medicine459413468113
General Surgery415511453112
OG 302708312209
Respiratory Medicine111<1160<1
Blood ComponentsTotal no of unit issued in 2017Total no of unit issued in 2018
Red Cell Concentrates1048010722
Fresh Frozen Plasma 71218339
Platelet Concentrates470495
Whole Blood23642
Single Donor Platelet5895
No.YearsCampAnnual collection of blood units Voluntary donationApharesis unitsTotal blood unit issued% of component
No.YearsBlood GroupCross MatchCoombs test

Therapeutic plasma exchange

* Total 119 apheresis procedures done for Therapeutic plasma exchange of 31 patients (including one pediatric patient of 11 years) of New Civil Hospital, Surat till date.

No.YearsTotal Plasma Exchange procedure on apheresisTotal Red Cell Exchange procedure on apheresis

* Enrolled in Pharmacovigilance (Haemovigilance) programme of India since - 2014

* Reported no

Sr No.YearsBlood Transfusion ReactionAdverse Donor Reaction
  1. Seminar Room (50 seats capacity)
  2. LCD projector
  3. Interactive white magnetic teaching board
  4. Digital visual presenter
  5. Digital Camera
  6. Computers with internet facility
  7. Department Library (Having latest advanced books & journals)
  8. Immunohaematology lab
  9. Laptops
  10. PG Research Lab
  11. Demonstration Room
  12. Store
  1. Blood components
  2. Apheresis - Single Donor Platelet & Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  3. Column Agglutination Technique (Gel System)
  4. TTI lab – ELISA
  5. Sterile Connecting Device
  6. Leucocyte Reduced blood products
  7. Computerised barcode enabled blood bank database management software
  8. Therapeutic plasmapheresis
  9. Voluntary Blood donation camps
  10. Irregular antibody screening & Identification.
  11. Donor calling facilities by sending system generated SMS.
  12. Antenatal Rh clinic [near future]
  13. Day care centre for thalassemia patients[near future]
  14. Mobile blood donor van
  • Blood bank has valid license upto December 2021. (No.G710)
  • IHBT department is having NABH accredited Blood Bank (since 28th December 2010, 2nd government hospital based blood bank all over India) with above mentioned facilities. Recent accreditation extended upto April 23, 2020.
  • Department blood bank is collecting >90 % blood units from voluntary blood donors.
  • Department blood bank is preparing > 85 % blood components of total blood collection.
  • Round the clock Platelet aphaeresis service for needy patients & blood bank has done >300 platelet apheresis (SDP) procedures till date.
  • As per NACO, NBTC, GSACS,GSCBT and government Gujarat policies, blood bank provides free blood and blood products to patients of thalessemia,coagulation disorders and other diseases as per directive.
  • Hemovigilance program started April 2014.
  • The department regularly participate in IQC & EQAS (BEQAS-Jaipur; Red cross Mumbai & CMC vellore) to minimize Blood Transfusion Reactions in hospital, Donor adverse reactions in voluntary blood donation camps & in house facility.
  • Donor feedback forms filling & maintaining Turn around time for blood bank procedures by employing Standard operative procedures.
  1. MD (IHBT)


Theory papers: Each paper of 100 Marks (Under VNSGU)

  • Paper I Basic applied aspects related to Transfusion Medicine
  • Paper II Immunohaematology, immunogenetics, and applied serology
  • Paper III Blood donor organization, Technology of components, clinical hemotherapy.
  • Paper IV Recent advances & technology

Practical examination (600 marks)

Laboratory and clinical skills: Minimum of 6 exercises (stations) covering all aspects of Transfusion Medicine. Some examples are as under.

  • Blood donor / apheresis donor selection
  • Component processing
  • Immunohematology,
  • Antenatal serology
  • Transfusion reaction management
  • Quality control of reagents, equipment, components
  • Coagulation testing,
  • Basic hematology tests,
  • Transfusion transmitted infection screening
  • Stem cell transplantation

Previous years university theory papers

Teaching schedule of post graduate student

Day09:00 am - 01:00 pm01:00 pm - 02:00 pm02:00 pm - 03:30 pm03:30 pm - 05:00 pm
MondayRotational postingRecessRotational postingLecture
TuesdayJournal Reading
FridayCase presentation

Post graduate lecture topics

  1. Drug & Cosmatic Act
  2. Guidelines to set up new blood bank & Model Blood Bank
  3. Research Methodology
  4. ABO blood group system
  5. Rh blood group system
  6. Basics of Immunohematology & Blood transfusion
  7. Coombs test
  8. Compatibility Testing
  9. Donor Blood Collection 1
  10. Donor Blood Collection 2
  11. Blood Product QC
  12. Reagent QC
  13. QC of ELISA
  14. Urine Examination
  15. Accreditation of the Bloodbank
  16. MSBOS
  17. Clinical Transfusion Practice
  18. RCA OF failed test results
  19. Point of care testing in transfusion medicine
  20. Peripheral Smear Examination
  21. Hemolytic Anemia
  22. Hemoglobinopathies
  23. IDA
  24. Megaloblastic Anemia
  25. Coagulation Disorders
  26. Malaria
  27. Automation in hematology
  28. FDA inspection crieteria
  29. Equipment QC
  30. Quality Manual and document control - NABH
  31. Donor notification of abnormal finding
  32. Recipient & donor hemovigilance
  33. TQM, EQAS, GMP - applications in transfusion medicine
  34. TRIM
  35. DLI
Sr NoDateCME Topic
108/03/2013Rational use of blood & clinical Transfusion Practice (With MCI credit hour)
227/06/2014Workshop for Camp organizers & Donor Motivators
306/08/2014Wet workshop of Immunohaematology
401/08/2014, 05/08/2014, 01/08/2014Clinical Residents training
507/07/2015, 10/07/2015Clinical Residents training
628/10/2015Workshop for Camp organizers & Donor Motivators
708/02/2016CME of Transfusion Medicine
812/04/2016CME of Transfusion Medicine
913/10/2017Workshop for Camp organizers & Donor Motivators