Linux command

Sr No. Command Type Command Descriptionimage
1DirectorypwdThe pwd command stands for (print working directory).
2DirectorycdThe cd command stands for (change directory).
3DirectorylsThe ls command is used to show the list of a folder. It will list out all the files in the directed folder.
4DirectorymkdirWith mkdir command you can create your own directory.
5DirectoryrmdirThe rmdir command is used to remove a directory from your system.
6filefileDetermines file type.
7filermTo remove a file.
8filecpTo copy a file.
9filemvTo rename or to move a file.
10filerenameTo rename file.
11filetouchUsed to create a file.
12File ContentsheadIt displays the beginning of a file
13File ContentstailIt displays the last last part of a file.
14File ContentscatThis command is versatile and multi worker.
15File ContentstacOpposite of cat.
16File ContentsmoreCommand line diaplays contents in pager form that is either in more format.
17File ContentslessCommand line diaplays contents in pager form that is either in less format.
18Filter CommandscatWhen cat command is used inside pipes, it does nothing except moving stdin to stout.
19Filter CommandsgrepThe 'grep' command stands for “global regular expression print”. grep command filters the content of a file which makes our search easy.The 'grep' command is generally used with pipe ().
20Filter CommandscommThe 'comm' command compares two files or streams.