Following research explorations are at hand. They are handled by the groups of the departmental members under the guidance of head of the department.

1) E survey of hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis against Covid-19 among health care professionals in Gujarat, India. By Dr Chetna Patel et al.

2) Evaluation pf medical errors by prescription audit in a tertiary care teaching hospital. By Dr Chetna Patel et al.

3) Study of drug utilization pattern, cost analysis and cutaneous drug reaction in dermatology OPD and wards in new civil hospital, surat. By Dr Chetna Patel et al.

4) Evaluation of case based learning (CBL) as a teaching-learning tool (T-L) in pharmacology – ACME educational research project

5) Effect of oral contraceptives on central corneal thickness and intra ocular pressure in young females in a tertiary care hospital. By Dr Chetna Patel et al.

6) A study of covid19 infected patients with hypertension as co morbidity and on antihypertensive drug therapy at a tertiary care hospital in surat. By Dr Anita Sinha as PI and Dr Mayur Chaudhari as Co-PI

7) A study of covid19 patients with diabetes mellitus as comorbidity and on antidiabetic drug therapy at a tertiary care hospital in surat. By Dr.Mayur Chaudhari as PI and Dr Anita Sinha as Co-PI

8) Prospective observational study on effect of olanzapine on heart rate variability in patients of Schizophrenia and brief psychotic episode. By Dr. Kishan Patel

9) Impact of 1st line anti tubercular drugs on heart rate variability in category -1 tuberculosis patients at tertiary care hospital.By Dr. Disha Patel

10) Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring in Anti-Tubercular Treatment alone and in combination with Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy. By Dr. Bhargav Darji

11) Evaluation of adverse drug reactions of anticancer drugs used in cancer treatment in a tertiary care teaching hospital, Gujarat.By Dr. Bhargavi patel

12) Effect of Vitamin-C Supplementation on Sputum Conversation Rate of Category-1 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Intensive Phase Antitubercular Therapy -A Prospective Observational Study. By Dr. Mrugank Patel

13) Study of Adverse Drug Reactions in outpatients andinpatients of Medicine Department in a Tertiary CareHospital: A Cross-sectional Study. By Dr. Jeenal Patel

14) Cohort event monitoring of artemisinin derivatives in patients treated for uncomplicated malaria in tertiary care teaching hospital. By Dr. Jigar chotaliya

15) Effect of chlorthalidone on heartrate variability in newly diagnosed patients of systemic hypertension in a tertiary care hospital: A prospective observational study. By Dr. Jatin Pathak

16) Effect of metformin on heart rate variability in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus patients at tertiary hospital. By Dr. Khushbu Rathod

17) A Retrospective analysis of pharmacoeconomics and drug utilization study in drug resistant tuberculosis at tertiary care hospital, Gujarat. By Dr. Vijita Shah

18) A cross sectional study of effect of antiepileptic drugs on quality of life and their side effects in pediatric epilepsy patients in a tertiary care hospital. By Dr. Sana Turki

19) Correlation of anticholinergic agents in patients with schizophrenia on antipsychotic therapy and extra pyramidal side effects. By Dr. Pradip Sodha

20) An observational study on outcome of anti-tubercular and anti-diabetic therapy in patients of tuberculosis with diabetes mellitus as comorbidity. By Dr. Jeenal Mistry

21) A retrospective study on drug utilization patterns and cost analysis of drugs used in covid 19 positive patient hospitalizes at tertiary care hospital. By Dr. Manoj Halpati