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1.Number of students in each batch:150
2.Number of students in each rotation:150
3.Number of students enrolled case study/drug study:nil
4.Number of medical/dental procedures:nil
5.Mannequins/simulations/skill laboratory :nil
6.Number of students inside the operation rooms at a given time:not applicable
7.Average number of procedures in operation rooms at a given time:not applicable
8.Examination schedule and timetable:1st internal exam is held in 5th month after admission.2nd internal exam is held in 10th month after admission .at the end of each system ending in theory class ,internal evaluation is done for the system.
9.learning objective and outcome :to prepare students to perform clinical examination of the patients and understand the subjects to be studied in 2nd professional year of MBBS.Objectives:1.Cognitive domain:student should be able to understand the normal functioning of all the organ systems and their interactions for well coordinated total body function and know the relative contribution of each organ system to the maintenance of the milieu interior.student shoud be able toelucidate the physiological aspects of normal growth and development.2.Psychomotor domain:student should be able to conduct experiments designed for study of physiological phenomena and interpret experimental/investigative data.Distinguish between normal and abnormal data derived as a result of tests which he/she has performed and observed in the laboratory.3.Integration:integrate knowledge of organ structure and function and its regulatory mechanism and skills to access various physiological mechanisms responsible for health and disease.
10.Hard & Soft copy of question bank:uploaded on website.
11. University papers :uploaded on website.
12.list of awards in for excellence in teaching:nil.
13. List of Fellowships/PhDs:nil
14. Research projects: annexure:1
15. Academic & Examination time table of department: annexure 2
16 List of measures to prevent malpractices in examination and number of case reported:according to institute guidelines
17.No of faculty recruited from same institution = 6
18.No. of faculty recruited from other institution within the state. =8
19.No. of faculty recruited from institutions outside the state =0
20.No. of Faculty who have attended
21.Induction programme
22.Re-orientation programme
23.Refresher course
24.Capasity building Programme
25.Programme by regulatory bodies
26.No & detail of recruited faculty Emeritus / Visiting Faculty :nil
27.Number and details of training programs /workshops:
28.Number and detail of recognition of their research activity
29.Details of ongoing projects of last 4 years
30:Details of financial provision:nil
31:Details of publication:annexure1
33:List of procured sophisticated equipments in last four year:nil
34:Four year statistics of inpatient and outpatient services:na
annexure 2a