*Nursing staff was given understanding of nursing care which is protected by patients during summer*

* It is the only understanding to be careful in the extreme heat of summer: Dr. Vikasben Desai *

Surat: Monday: The temperature mercury is continuously going high in the entire state including Surat city. The maximum temperature is recorded of 70-31 degrees and the loo is blowing at 20 to 25 km per hour, the seminar was organized at the civil auditorium by the new civil hospital to avoid the extreme heat and for health awareness in the extreme summer. Nursing staff and staff of 108 ambulance were informed to prevent heatwave, protection and health care, care for patients admitted to the hospital. P of Surat Government Medical College on this occasion. S. S. M. Former Additional Health Director of the Department and Honorary Technical Director of Urban Health and Client Resilience Center of Excellence. Vikasben Desai said that it is wise to be careful in the heat of summer. It is very important to take care of self protection and health during summer. In addition, nursing care becomes important with the care as well as treatment of patients admitted in hospital. Patients need nursing care more during summer than normal days. Nursing staff should understand their moral responsibility and provide patients with medication over time throughout the day. In addition, Mr. Desai said that patients as well as the general public should avoid staying in air condition (AC) in heat conditions. One should not drink cold drinks to get relief from heat. If you don't like to drink water frequently to keep enough liquid in the body, coconut water, lemon juice, sweet buttermilk, orange juice, glucose water etc can be taken. Wear light cotton wear and possibly light white clothes. Linen clothing and gold balm dresses are extremely comfortable during the summer season. Wearing hats while going out in the heat, women should cover their mouths with veil, dupatta, use a head cover or an umbrella. Medical Superintendent Dr on this occasion. Ganesh Govakar said that this seminar has become important to create awareness to avoid unbearable heat by adopting the same safety approach to avoid heatwave. The seminar was organized by Mr. Iqbal Kadiwala of Gujarat Nursing Council regarding alert and protection measures. R on this occasion. M. O.O. Dr. Ketan Nayak, Roshanbhai of 104 ambulance, Nursing Council Secretary Kiranbhai Domdia, Local President Ashwinbhai Pandya, Jagdish Buha, Nursing staff, including 103 ambulance staff were present. -00- *Summer- Do self-defense from heatwave this way in summer 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Eating and cooking excessive protein-rich foods should be avoided during the extreme heat. Avoid going out of the house especially in the afternoon 12 to 5 pm in the heat.  Even if you are not thirsty, don't forget to drink enough water.  Fruit juice should be taken along with lemon water, yogurt, lassi, buttermilk to prevent dehydration in heat. 5 fresh fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, lemon, orange should be consumed regularly.  Should be worn light-colored thin and loose cotton clothes.  Avoid going outside open foot. Cover your head with umbrella, hat, towel while going out or in the open sun. Pay special attention to 3 heat stress symptoms: such as, dizziness, unconsciousness, nausea or vomiting, headache, excessive thirsty, utter yellow urine, low urine, reduced urine, breathing speed and increase heartbeat. 5 children and pets should be saved from leaving alone in the car.  Use sunscreen before going in the sun and should be applied regularly during the day. 342223531_806710324121050_8936599630988119466_n.jpg 342190278_967590251088550_4844801500980014334_n.jpg

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