Government Medical College, Surat

Lacture Theators

The college have four lacture theators, known among students as physiology hall, anatomy hall, PSM hall and microbiology hall.
There is an examination hall.

Common Rooms

There are common rooms for girls and boys.

Library and computer Lab

Journals available to College LAN via state government eJournal project
The journals are not available outside the institutional network

N-List Guideline

The Medical College Library came into existence along with the Medical College Surat in the year 1962.
The current Library of Medical College Surat is housed in one floor of a separate building in the college campus since the year 1962.
A) Layout and floor area: – 4200 sq mt
B) Reading Room:

  • It has provisions for separate reading halls and rooms for Undergraduate and postgraduate students and separate Computer LAB for faculty members and also for UG & PG Students.

C) Working Hours: The library functions as under

  1. 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. all working days Monday to Friday.
  2. 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on Saturday.
  3. Reading room for students is open 24 hours.

D)Availability of Books and Journals:

  1. No. of Total Books – 20,185.
  2. No. of Journals with back Volume - 10,090.
  3. Dissertation - 805.
  4. Journals Subscribed year January to December 2020
    1. Indian - 44.
    2. Foreign - 51.


  • Librarian – 1
  • Assistant Librarian - 1
  • Clerk – 1
  • Peon – 2

F)Library advisory committee:

  • The library advisory committee works under the supervision of the Dean Medical College . It comprises of the following members.
  • Dean-Dr.R.Y.Mehta
  • Library Incharge - Dr. Trupti Solu




New Civil Hospital, Surat was established before five decades in the year of 1964 with the facility of 300 beds for indoor patients with the primary objective of imparting medical education and for extending tertiary level health care for the patients of South Gujarat and surrounding regions. It was the part of the Govt. Medical College, Surat which was established in the same year. Gradually, over fifty years, it has grown to the present size and dimensions with bed capacity of 1150 beds.

In New Civil Hospital they have more than five hundred medical personnel, about fifty technical staff, nearly four hundred nursing staff, approximately three hundred non-technical and supporting staff is in function to run the hospital services round the clock. Administration of the hospital is controlled by Medical Superintendent for whose assistance there are Resident Medical Officer and Chief Matron (nursing) those who perform their duties under the guidance of MS.

For more information you can visit New Civil Hospital Web SiteNew Civil Hospital